Thursday, December 13, 2012

A lunchtime conversation

Snack time in her 'playground'
Today at lunch, in the middle of the "What dinosaur do you think this is?" chicken nugget guessing game, Ellie and I had a conversation something like this:

Ellie: "Someday would you like to make real animal chicken nuggets? Like, all kinds of animals and even zebras?"

Me: "That sounds pretty fun, but I don't know how to make chicken nuggets."

Ellie (thoughtful): "We just make whatever recipe we want... and then microwave it!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Portuguese Summer School
At the beginning of the school year, I started getting involved with a committee that had been working on implementing a Dual Immersion Program in Logan school district.  It's been a great experience and really fun to be a part of the process. We presented to the school board last night and the proposal was approved - hooray! So next year Hillcrest (Landon's school) will be starting Portuguese in first and second grades! I'm so excited for my kids to be a part of this,  and how amazing for them to be learning Portuguese at school!  I'm just thrilled that this opportunity has come right now.

Tuesday Flowers

Tuesday's have been flower days since about the time Jordan and I started dating (starting with a flower left for me at work with a note "Tuesdays are for flowers, don't you know?"). The kids have had lots of secret Tuesday adventures to the flower shop to help pick out a surprise for me. With Jordan in New York, the kids and I were at Lee's on Tuesday and when we walked past the floral department on our way to the produce, Landon said "Mom! We have to get you some flowers today!" What a sweetly trained little boy! :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

My first sale!

Woohoo! I'm so excited to think that somewhere in Logan there is a little girl wearing this little clippy I made.  :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some days are like that.

On a better day :)
For no particular reason, we somehow just had a rough day yesterday. Jordan and I went to bed a bit perplexed at where all the crazyness and chaos suddenly came from. Apparently, Landon noticed too -- his prayer at breakfast time today went something like this -

"Please bless that we can have a great day today, not like yesterday.
And please bless that Ellie can have a great day, not like yesterday.
And that I can have a great day, not like yesterday.
And please bless that we can all have a better day today than yesterday." 

(Thankfully his prayer was answered. We practiced helping Owen say "please" in place of "MORE!", I prepped for scouts while Ellie and Owen did puzzles, the kids played play-dough through the afternoon... nothing too different, except that it was an entirely better day. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas time is here again!

Saturday evening happenings
Oh we're happy about this Christmastime.   We've had an extended Fall with many afternoons of yard work, adventures, and outside time -- yesterday Jordan and Landon adventured by unicycle/bicycle to Chick-Fil-A for an ice cream cone.  But even if it means a break from unicycle practice, Jordan has been wishing for snow. :)  I've been working on an activity advent and I'm excited about all of the simple celebrations ahead with our little family.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Happy Birthday

Hard at work prepping for the red & white/ polka-dot pizza party -- these are serious (and wonderful!) party planners. :)

I had a day full of celebrations this week for my birthday. Waking up to a lively "Happy Birthday to You!" from Landon and Ellie, a surprise breakfast from Kneaders, baking a cake with Ellie, a Pizza party with perfectly matching decorations, calls and visits and birthday cards from people I love...

Plus all of the happy things that a day of life brings right now.  A morning run, our getting-ready-for-the-day time before school, grocery shopping with Ellie and Owen, making Jordan spinach salad for lunch, some time for sewing, Christmas decorating...

And a funny (and very sweet!) birthday present from Jordan -- I may be the one and only person to say that my husband gave me a domain name for my birthday!  ( I'm brainstorming about all the things I can do with this... and  I'm so grateful for his great support in everything I do.