Saturday, March 23, 2013


Finding a great spot to sit and watch the Juliet Court tennis racket baseball game

This little guy has discovered that he can open the back sliding glass doors and he thinks it is just about the best thing. Throughout the day, we hear "I'm going outside now" and "See you later!" (In the sweetest little Owen voice that we love :) A few times this week, he's opened the door and leaned out a bit calling out "Hello Anybody! Hello Anybody!" (He knows there is life out there somewhere, even if it has been hidden by snow a bit this week!)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jump over things tag

Another day -- the boys happily waking up with the 'throw animals at each other' game
These two boys and I were sick with colds yesterday, so by the end of the day our house was in definite need of a 'clean sweep'.   Ellie's reply was "Why do we have to clean up? Then we won't be able to play Jump over things tag!" I suppose there are some benefits to a messy house :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kitchen Helpers

A lasagna making helper

The other day as I was grabbing the camera to catch a picture of my banana bread making helpers, I realized that I have a lot pictures of the kids cooking with me.  I think because that's a time I just love. I'm not a super huge fan of playing 'guys' or my-little-ponies... but I love baking up treats with my little ones. :) One morning this week we were making pancakes with each of the kids taking a turn with measuring, pouring, or mixing as we (slowly) got the batter ready. And what a sweet memory. 

We had a few days last week as Landon caught up on the extra homework from our vacation time where he and Ellie sat at the counter doing homework (Ellie doing made-by-mommy worksheets - her favorite :) and Owen played on the rug with blocks while I made dinner.  And it was just such a sweet (little bit chaotic) time -- like "this is what I always imagined motherhood would be."  

(Of course, this is not to say that there weren't also a few afternoons of 'Phewph! I'm sure tired and I wish our house wasn't a disaster and what should I make for dinner?" But I actually even made a real dinner every night last week -woo-hoo!)

I'm feeling these days like I need to just soak up/gather up/remember these sweet calmer-than-usual days. We're super excited for our new little one to join our family, and I'm also a little nervous about returning to life with no sleep.  But I'm working on worrying less and being grateful more and we're focusing on figuring out routines and schedules and order so that when life gets a little crazier/sleepier, we can still move forward happily. :)

(This was a great reminder for me that it's okay/right for life to slow down and be a little topsy-turvy with a new baby.)

Being Mom/Happy Kids

A California picnic at Redwood Park

Every once in a while I'm caught a little bit by surprise to realize 'I'm the mom of these children' !  (Just browsing through our pictures and spotting this one was one of those times)

More California Springtime :)

We've had some sweet days this past week getting home again and back into routines pretty smoothly. Landon left for school this morning just as happy as could be with an "I hope you have an awesome day today Owen and Ellie!" following his "These two are such a good brother and sister!"  I wish I could pinpoint better just what it is that brings these happy moments (especially because I know there are many times when it feels pretty difficult to find days like these...), Spring on the way? Enough sleep for all of us? A clean house after a hard working Saturday?   Whatever it is, I'm sure grateful for these sweet days!

Drip, drip, drip!

California Springtime :)
We went for a long Sunday walk yesterday and heard the sound of melting snow and ice drip, drip, drip-ing, all through the neighborhood. What an exciting sound to hear! Also, we woke last week to a few snowy days (and of course our long-lasting piles of snow), but also birds singing!  Now, the patches of grass peaking out from under the snow are growing and growing... (We saw someone out shoveling down their largest piles of snow, spreading it out to melt more quickly :) I picked up some herb seeds today at Lowe's and stepped in to the garden store to ask a few questions while we were out on errands

We're all getting excited around here -- Spring is on the way!

(We're all excited except Landon of course, who might just feel like his heart is breaking as he watches the snow melt... but he did admit to being just  a little bit excited to see last year's new peach tree start to grow  in the Spring :)

Monday, March 4, 2013


We just returned from our  winter getaway with the Brough's in sunny California. With two weeks of visiting and sunshine and grandparent time and April time, biking and hiking and walking and tree climbing and tennis racket baseball playing and front yard BBQ's and playground picnics (and working plus rollerblading, running, unicycling and jump-roping for Jordan), we certainly felt lucky for such a sweet California springtime.

I was a bit worried about returning to the winter wonderland of Logan. Driving home as the the hours ticked by, the temperatures dropped and the skies became a little grayer and a little grayer until at last we reached our wintery home -  home sweet home?

Amazingly, the beautiful blue skies today and a week with highs in the 30's actually feels pretty good (Blue skies can make up for a lot with me :)

And with many hours on the road to think and plan on how to simplify our lives,  de-clutter our house, organize and schedule and routine-ize whatever we can... I'm home ready to work!

And, I'm not sick anymore (I'm pregnant, friends!) and I got to listen to  that reassuring little heart beat this morning... so with a bit of renewed energy I feel once again like I really can somehow get on track and do all (well, most...or  some) of those things I've been wishing to do. :)

And mostly I'm just so happy for a blue sky day!