Monday, March 11, 2013

Drip, drip, drip!

California Springtime :)
We went for a long Sunday walk yesterday and heard the sound of melting snow and ice drip, drip, drip-ing, all through the neighborhood. What an exciting sound to hear! Also, we woke last week to a few snowy days (and of course our long-lasting piles of snow), but also birds singing!  Now, the patches of grass peaking out from under the snow are growing and growing... (We saw someone out shoveling down their largest piles of snow, spreading it out to melt more quickly :) I picked up some herb seeds today at Lowe's and stepped in to the garden store to ask a few questions while we were out on errands

We're all getting excited around here -- Spring is on the way!

(We're all excited except Landon of course, who might just feel like his heart is breaking as he watches the snow melt... but he did admit to being just  a little bit excited to see last year's new peach tree start to grow  in the Spring :)