Monday, October 10, 2016

The rains came down and the floods came up

A few weeks ago we had some pretty intense rain. One night Jordan was outside with a flashlight at about 11:00 cleaning out the rain gutters as the rain poured down into our window wells. Our downstairs bathroom got a little wet, but we thought that was the end of our rain troubles. But, a few days later when April stopped in to get her things after her river rafting trip, we discovered that the guest room had flooded! (With nice and squishy carpet beside the bed...) Jordan used the carpet cleaner and got about 5 gallons of water out of the carpet then pulled it back and also made some holes in the wall to dry with a bunch of fans blowing, etc. (And we discovered that this wasn't from the windows but coming up from the corner of the house...)

Then a day or two later we realized that the basement room had flooded as well. Unfortunately, this wall had two layers of dry wall and some old wood paneling in between so it trapped all the moisture inside and it all had to come down.

A few weeks ago Jordan and I started to talk about maybe jumping in and starting some of the little updating projects we've had in mind to do --  Now we definitely get to! (At least in this room for sure!)

Right now it feels kind of fun - new carpet and paint (except, carpet is much more expensive than I knew!) and maybe some bigger changes downstairs... we'll see how long our energy lasts and if we can make any decisions on how to move forward. :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

May & June little things / And welcome to October :)

from Ellie "Do I look like a great summertime girl?"

It has been long enough that I already can't remember why I set a few of these pictures aside... But here's a few little things from our early summer :)

Landon was a super strong ruuner at the 4th grade district fun run - Porter and I went to cheer him on. 

I can't remember the story of this picture, but he's a cute sleeping little kiddo :)

Some garage floor kayaking 

And some real kayaking at newly discovered Cutler Marsh

And at First Dam (with some inflatable rafts too) with family

Herm's Inn birthday breakfast for Jordan with Dad & Shauna + Danielle & Amanda

Celebrating with Jen & Jeremiah on Alex's baby blessing day!

Making some bedroom improvements for all the kids (and some Ellie & Dad building time)

Treats + a poem from Landon to his great primary teachers who were moving

Adventuring on the super train bike (Jordan + 4 kids on one bike!)

Trying out our new tent in the backyard 

And welcome to our little Isaac!

Welcome Fall!

two-year-old Landon + me
Last night we had a crazy welcome to Fall rain storm. As the thunder rumbled and roared and our room flashed again and again with lightning, I thought about heading downstairs to the guest room for a safe, cozy sleepover party. (Our kids have never really gotten nervous about thunderstorms, and at bedtime I knew I really wouldn't have taken the effort to move everyone downstairs, but it still sounded nice to be even just a little bit more sheltered from the storm outside :)

On the other side of the room, Jordan was just loving the storm. As the winds blew stronger and the rain fell harder, he opened the blinds to watch the lightning flash, then opened the windows wide and leaned out, just to take it all in.

We are a funny pair! I'm so glad for all the times Jordan helps me enjoy life a little more!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


perfect pic by April
from Jordan about Saturdays

"Sometimes I feel like we should just be responsible and clean out the garage or work on the yard... but then I think, I wonder if we could ride our bikes to Idaho?"

We've had some fun adventures lately - a few big (like a bikeride to Idaho with Jordan, April, Landon & Porter) and mostly small. Knowing that little Isaac wouldn't be able to ride in the bike trailer, and may not be happy in the stroller,  we were all set to put adventures aside until next year.  So we've been so happily surprised that we've still been able to enjoy some adventures, even with new little Isaac. Some have been just Jordan with a few kids (kayaking, bike riding) or April and a few kids (hiking, bike riding) and some with all of us (walking or Jordan running/pushing Isaac while the rest of us bike). Isaac has been such a trooper so far! (And all of the kids too!)

(And lots of Saturdays we also do just do the responsible things too :)

Last week we walked to Lee's for dinner. Then a few days later we rode our bikes to Sam's club for groceries.  Yesterday we walked to coldstone (for dinner) and Blimpie (for dessert :) There were some definite tired feet and we kind of dragged the last block or two home, but now looking back it already seems like it was so fun :) We even sang a few hiking songs to keep spirits high (I taught the kids Princess Pat and Ellie taught us "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.")

Owen asked something like "why do we keep doing this?" And my quick answers were 
1. to help our bodies be strong and healthy
2. to practice doing something hard with our family 
3. to enjoy the beautiful world and this beautiful place we live. 

Hooray for adventures and this perfectly beautiful Fall time in Logan!

Jordan's (not so) new schedule

One of the things that Jordan has loved about his new job with Lost My Name is his new work schedule. He starts at 5:00 in the morning, takes a short "lunch break" at 6:30 to read scriptures with Landon, and has worked a full day by 1:30 in the afternoon. Sometimes he'll work late and finish up around 2:00 or 3:00 (!) but often he's helping with the kids and/or out the door on a great run or bikeride or kayak adventure in the early afternoon.  Hooray for a perfect-for-Jordan schedule!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

two months & one week / tiny happy things

Sometimes I think it is just funny how the little snapshots I write here on my blog really just reflect such a little snippet of time. I wrote yesterday's '2 months' post a week ago and just added the photo to post it yesterday. And after a mostly crazy day, I re-read it last night and kind of thought "whose life was I talking about working so well?" :) It's true for all blogs, but I know what I write here appears rosier than real life. It's all true, but it's also missing the 3:00 - 6:00 crazy that happens some days in real life. Or the days when naptimes don't work. The "you're so mean!" cries.  Or the grumpyness I get that has Jordan sweetly asking me at the kids' bedtime "It's a beautiful evening, why don't you go out for a walk?"

Still, Isaac woke just once last night. (Once! At 2 months old! Bed about 10:00, quick wake up to eat at 2:30, up for the morning at 6:15. Woohoo!) So there is most definitely still cause for celebration around here. And real gratitude for all the things that really are working most of the time.

And oh, I do love this little Isaac 2 months old! He's wiggling here next to me, almost ready to get wrapped all up in a sweet swaddle blanket and held and cuddled for a bit before I set him down for a nap attempt.

Other tiny things to celebrate today, or just remember:

+ Isaac took a great nap this morning and we got all the groceries from the Lee's case lot sale delivery all put away downstairs in the storage room. Such abundance!

+ Landon worked on memorizing The Star Spangled Banner on the way to school this morning and it was a sweet soundtrack to our drive.

+ We found Owen's tennis shoes before Friday P.E. this week (Mistakenly put in a box full of to grow into shoes in the storage room!)

+ A new friend from school asked to have a play day next week with Owen

+ All of the kids have gotten to have ice cream dates with April :)

+ Jordan is adjusting his schedule a bit to watch the little boys so I can help out in Owen's kindergarten class on Thursday mornings, starting tomorrow!

+ Our laundry is all caught up (ish) thanks to some great help from April this past weekend

+  Fall arrived in Logan this week!

+ Landon wrote a great essay for his Lighthouse team application and was excited to turn it in yesterday. He asked his teacher for a lined piece of paper to write it on and carried it home so super carefully to keep it perfectly neat and unwrinkled.

+ Ellie made a plan to read all of the Magic Treehouse books this year before the end of 2nd grade.

+ I made a goal last week for Family Home Evening to eat one vegetable a day (I realize this shouldn't be a stretch, but right now it is what it is). I've been keeping my goal and feeling much better for it.

+ I went for a bikeride last night (Jordan saving me & the kids from my end of day grumpyness...) And it was so fun to ride my bike again. And I love my electric bike that took me up and down hills where my legs definitely couldn't have on their own!

+ Jordan started this week as a lead for his group at work.

+ Our second batch of raspberries have started to ripen!

+  Porter is so great at taking naps, which won't last forever so I feel especially grateful for how well he still does now. And he is awesome at bedtime too. Yay for Porter! This kiddo is into some major mischief these days which makes me even that much more grateful when naptime comes! ;)

+ Owen stayed home from school today. He had a bit of a scratchy throat and I'm sure he would have been fine but it seemed like he just needed a break. It was fun to have him home and I'm so happy we're all healthy right now!

+  Right now Ellie and Landon are at school.  Isaac is swinging in his swing, maybe falling asleep. Porter is napping in his tent. Owen is broom, broom, brooming with cars in the basement room for quiet time. Jordan is at the kitchen counter finishing up work for the day while eating his lunch.

+ I guess there is quite a lot of rosyness in our lives right now.

(And it's good for me to record it, because I may need a reminder of that in a few hours :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2 months

+ I remember thinking (and writing) that 2 months old was the hardest stage -- I've realized that I probably made it so by wishing/expecting/feeling bad when it didn't happen/stressing that I should be just right back on track by that time. But I've learned (at last!) that there is no grace period and not to worry about what I think I ought to be able to do by any certain time.

+ Jordan has been an amazing help for me in this just by helping me feel and remember how wonderful a blessing it is for this little Isaac to have had all this time with his momma holding and cuddling and singing and loving him all up. (And how wonderful for me too!) I never have a chance to feel any guilt about just sitting and holding little Isaac, because Jordan is so quick to remind me that I'm doing the most important thing.  And he has done so much to help with the kids and all the other things that have needed to happen to keep our family running smoothly.

+ And we've had such great help. From family and friends mostly, but also we've finally figured out the other little things we need (like grocery delivery every once in a while!) And the kids are all a super help too. (Except maybe Porter with his love for mischief...)

+ Basically, we are following my favorite stake conference advice, "if you're feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do and be, try lowering your expectations." Which in practice has really meant learning to put first things first. Not to rush things. Not to expect too much from ourselves but just enjoy this slower time of life for what it is. (And then be pleasantly surprised when sometimes we can do more than we expected/better than we thought).

+ And this sweet little Isaac baby makes our lives so sweet! He has been an amazingly good sleeper/eater/somewhat predictable napper already. I feel like anyone who ever wrote a parenting book probably had a baby like Isaac. :)

+ And sleep! All of the other things are true and all, but really I think life is working because I'm getting some reasonable sleep. That's the real miracle here.

+ We all sure love this little guy!

+ At 2 months, Isaac

- loves to watch me.
- sleeps with me in bed (near me, but not in my arms - hooray for Isaac!) at night in 3 hour stretches (since his first few days even!) with occasional nights of a 4 or 4 1/2 hour stretch, and just a few rare 2 hour stretches every once in a while. (Hooray for Isaac!)
- has a fairly predictable schedule of wake, eat, play, sleep throughout the day and frequently will
even nap on his own in his swing (though he still prefers to be all cuddled up and held for naps).
- has great little baby smiles!
- is 14 lbs. 2 oz and 2 feet 1 inch
- is discovering his hands in just the last few days
- makes the sweetest little baby sounds and loves when someone will talk back and forth with him.
- loves his brothers and Ellie to talk and play with him