Sunday, February 12, 2017


and cuddling and helping our sick little boys.

basketball (Landon and Owen on their first basketball teams and all of us at the church a few times)
and board games (Owen watches the clock starting at lunch time waiting for Jordan's end-of-work 1:30 time - "game time")
and Wii (a little)
and piano (an even littler maybe)
and peek-a-boo and other silly games with cute Isaac

to Provo several times for orthodontist appointments because I got braces! (which will hopefully be finished soon!) Despite my daily retainer wearing for the last 10 years, my bottom teeth were not staying so straight :(

orange juice smoothies every day with lunch 

Oh, what a lot of shoveling snow this year! And thank goodness for several kind neighbors too who helped us stay unburied with their snowblowers!

Sam books and book bag books (Owen) and Magic Treehouse books (Ellie) and all the books (Landon).  

Basement improvements (no more fireplace, closet, or strange end of stairs wall issue)  Summer vacation (Victoria, Canada!), Middle School plans for Landon (Portuguese, Trombone/flute?), How to support our Dual Immersion program at the kids' school, what to make for dinner

All the things, all the days (from our neighbor -- 'cleaning the house while you're children are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing' ;)

Ellie's birthday with a rainbow birthday party and Ellie's baptism with lots of sweet visitors. And we still need to celebrate, but Isaac had one night last week where he slept all night long (woo hoo!)

Sitting and rolling and eating solid foods (Isaac), drawing pictures and recognizing letters (Porter), reading and shooting baskets (Owen), art projects and piano and all the Reflex math facts (Ellie), the Gettysburg address and the preamble to the constitution and lego building and piano (Landon), a new calling teaching Owen's primary class (Debbie), teaching the 12/13-year-old young men (Jordan). 

A visit from Kathie & Winslow, our new eating plan that includes dessert every night (!), beautiful February days (we hit 45 degrees and the kids were playing in the snow in shorts and t-shirts!)

Art of the Month Kid Scenes

Winslow's Christmas present was an 'Art of the Month' club subscription from our kiddos. We made these silly pictures for January and I just had so much fun! :)


Slept in with little Isaac
Kids Saturday morning Wii time
Hurry, quick super fast breakfast/play clothes/coats/shoes/get out the door
Run into Lee's for team treats and glazed donuts
Owen's basketball game -- great defending Owen! cuddling Porter, sharing a box of tissues
Realized I'm not feeling so good and wondering if these little boys will ever get better... called to ask my partner to teach the lesson for primary tomorrow.
Stop home to pick up library books
Drop off library books (no more fines accruing, hooray!)
Early to Landon's game, drills in the middle school halls while we wait
Landon's basketball game -- great playing Landon! "I saw those two really tall guys on the other team so I was just playing my best!" cuddling sleepy Isaac, cheering for these great boys
Lunch time at home - Olive Garden leftovers for me and Jordan, hooray!
Ellie off to "The Little Mermaid" play with a friend
Nap times, quiet times, planning the afternoon
Set up the baby monitor for a quick walk around the block with Jordan
Storage room clean out/organizing
Jordan wiring the internet back to his office (through the ceiling, across the bathroom and into his office - good job Jordan!)
Emptying the closet to prep for taking it apart
(Maybe we'll start making progress on our basement?)
Lots of cardboard boxes loaded up
A trip to Walmart recycling bins, to DI to drop off donations, dropping off my ipad for a screen repair, and Little Caesars pizza pick up, kids laughing like crazy in the back of the van (hooray for laughing instead of fighting!)
Pizza movie party, finishing Trolls
A few kids to bed
Jordan making reeces bars for his Young Men, taking turns with Isaac
More kids to bed
Looking at airbnb/hotels for our Provo trip this week... trying a new hotel
Reading Okay for Now with Jordan, feeding Isaac once more before sleep
Lights out

Friday, January 13, 2017


a happy Landon at Lagoon with April
A few things about Landon this week:

1. Landon just started playing on a basketball team for the first time. He was pretty nervous about being a beginner with a team of boys who have played a lot, but he has done super. I took him to practice this week and brought along my computer to work on a project. I would have loved to watch him practice and play, but I thought I might hear afterwards an embarressed "You were the only Mom there!" so I just did my own thing. Afterwards, Landon asked if I saw some of his best moves and he was dissapointed that I hadn't watched -- hooray for a not-so-little boy who still wants to say "Look Mom!" (These are some of the most heard words from Porter and Owen this week :)

2. We let Landon stay home from school one day this week, just for a day off. It happened to be a day I was watching two of Porter's friends for a little bit. And this Landon just had the best time running around and leading those kiddos on great fun adventures all over our house!

3. Driving home from basketball practice, Landon was looking for some music on the radio. I sang along as he turned to a cheesy 80's love song, and when he changed it, I teased him by singing louder and adding in the arms (safely, while driving of course)  (We did it all for the glory of love!)   And then he changed it back. (!) And I turned it up and he listened while I sang along to the rest of the song. What a kiddo!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Three-year-old Porter

I watched from my bed as Porter barricaded my bedroom door with packages of quilts and blankets. Then he climbed up to the top, got all settled in, and said to me with a smile,  "Don't worry Mom, just relax."

Reading Lately (Fall edition)

It has been long enough since I've read any of these that they're all a bit hazy in my memory already. But here are a few fun recent reads:

Pride and Prejudice - This one is the star of the show on this list. I've always thought that I didn't like Pride and Prejudice. Friends in high school and roommates in college would go crazy over the BBC version and I'd think 'I have better things to do than watch a six hour movie...' or something like that. Then I watched the new-ish version on netflix at some point and liked it pretty well. Then when Isaac was born, I was looking for a free audio book to listen to while I nursed and I thought I'd give this a try, and I just loved it! I finished the audio version, then went back and re-read my favorite parts. Then watched all six hours of the BBC version, and the newer version again too. This may well have been similar to how all food tastes delicious in the first few weeks with a newborn, but I enjoyed it so much :)

Real Moms - I just pictured the author sitting with me and chatting and telling me all these funny stories about being a mom, and loved it. Lisa & Topher Clark are two of my very favorites to follow on instagram too.

Justin Case: School, drool & other daily disasters - It's been long enough, that I honestly can't remember this, but I know I loved it because I just love this kid!

It ain't so awful, Falafel - I was so excited to find this at the library, because I've loved her books of essays (they're hilarious.) This was okay. It was fun and interesting, but not spectacular like her others.

Clementine - Again, it's been a long time, and I can't remember much about this.  There was something about coloring her hair (or her friend's hair?) green and drawing in some curls with sharpie... silly and Ellie will probably like it.

Lizzy Bright and the Buckminster Boy - Gary Schmidt wrote two of my very favorite books (Wednesday Wars & Okay for Now). But this one I didn't love. It seemed more like a 'making a statement' kind of book and it was interesting, but not a favorite.

I Feel Bad about my Neck - One evening I escaped to the library and enjoyed the quiet, just reading in one of their big chairs. I think this was pretty funny, but the evening of quiet was even more memorable :)

Out of the Dust - I thought I'd try to read through some of the books on our bookshelves that I haven't read in ages so I could decide whether to keep or toss them. I started with this one and even a few months later, I still haven't made up my mind about whether I liked it or not. It definitely gives a good picture of what life might have been like in the dust-bowl times, and I did like that.


Monday, January 9, 2017


You know this isn't a current photo because if it came from this week there would be another few feet of snow :) But look at that cute Owen!
Owen was a little bit sick today, and a lot slow-moving this morning trying to get back into the routine of things (after Christmas break and then only one day to school last week!) So I kept him home and we had a fun morning with Porter and Isaac. We did some school time (Every time I talk about doing school time, the first request is the dice game. So we played that with Porter and practiced Portuguese numbers too :) and did some reading practice and writing practice and read books and played with Isaac... It was a happy time.

This evening, for a little project I'm doing I was making a quick video of Owen and asking him to tell me something great that he loved about each person in our family. He was kind of stumped when he got to me. First he said "so many things!" but when I asked for something specific, he had to really think --

Then he said "Oh! One time you played Monopoly with me. You were kind of busy with lots of things to do but you just took a break and played it with me."

Which is so sweet that he'd remember such a little thing but also kind of breaks my worried-about-not-doing-enough mom heart.  I can hardly even remember that Monopoly game because it was months ago.

I hope I can just remember the sweetness of this and know that Owen feels loved when he knows I'm stopping whatever busy-ness is going on to do something just with him. And try to make that happen a little bit more.  I sure love this kid!