Thursday, October 10, 2019

Today I love...

Today is Ginkgo day! The temperatures hit just the right spot and our ginkgo tree has been raining leaves all morning. The kids are going to be thrilled to grab their rakes and play in these soft leaves when they come home! :)

Other things I love today --

Isaac and I went out to see if there were a few ripe raspberries left this morning for our fruit toast snack. There were, but they were perfectly frozen! :) Not quite what we were looking for, but a delicious way to finish off the year's last berries!

My favorite sunglasses have been missing, so I pulled out an old pair for my morning walks the last few days. They have the most perfect rusty orange tint to them that make all the gorgeous Fall colors of our neighborhood that much more beautiful.

I woke up early this morning to the sound of Landon working in the kitchen, making German pancakes for breakfast. He has been learning new recipes for a class in school, and it is so fun to see him so excited to keep practicing and making them at home!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A few September things

A Saturday play day at the school playground (with the new school coming up in the background!)

We went to a bit of the Cache Valley Brazilian Festival where one of the kids performed a song/dance in Portuguese (and two of the kids watched as their classes performed :) I stood by a group of the Portuguese teachers and felt so grateful for these great women who my children spend their school days with. 

A few weeks into September the kids and I were all finally well (even all at the same time!) The great news even through the sick weeks was that the kids were feeling sad to be missing school (hooray!) and they have continued to feel pretty happy about school so far. This past week we had parent teachers conferences and the start of homework for the year, and so far everyone's still doing okay. 

Isaac has been telling anyone he meets "I do preschool now!" Our neighbor stopped by yesterday and was sweet enough to stop and ask him more questions all about it, and Isaac finished his preschool conversation with the sweetest "Yee-hoo!" of excitement all about this happy preschool time with Mom. 

Landon and I went to the first middle school PTSA meeting and Landon volunteered to be in charge of Reflections (one thing I have made a point of avoiding :) It was fun being in a new setting like this with Landon though! 


We took advantage of Labor Day weekend to get started on our basement flooring. The kids were amazing helpers. Jordan and I were both just amazed seeing them carrying load after load of carpet up and floor boards down -  these are some tough kiddos! With lots of hard work from Jordan, we're just about done and moving on to the next steps of a bit of painting (scheduled), baseboards (need to schedule), and couches (ordered!)

Jordan and I have been trying out a new meal plan thing, and I'm pretty sure I have made more new recipes in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years! It has been more work (and more dishes!!) but also fun to remember how much I really do enjoy cooking (especially without the decision-making part required).  This past weekend we had a beautiful, cozy, rainy Saturday and I spent most of the day baking and cooking and prepping things for the week and it felt just right.

Ellie and her friends spent an afternoon making a chicken costume for a play they've been thinking up. (Or, they spent a few minutes making a chicken costume, more than a few minutes playing with a pillow full of feathers, and many more minutes cleaning up feathers from the backyard :) 


Jordan and Landon did a few practice rides for Bike the Bear. One week before the event, they intended to do a 30 mile ride with hills to make sure they were really ready. But then, they ended up just doing the full ride! A week later they had fun with the whole pasta dinner/overnight/race day events and both did awesome on this 50 mile ride. 

Jordan and I (and Isaac :) went to one of Logan's Silicon Slopes events with the Lt. Governor speaking about technology in rural Utah. We were particularly interested in his ideas about improving employment opportunities through remote work, since Jordan has had great experience with that!

One Sunday morning just before church, with frustration about my requests for him to do his hair, one of the boys (no names will be named...) took matters into his own hands and snipped off the front of his hair (!) After a few attempts of blending his very-short snips later that day, he ended up with an all-around very short hair cut. (This caused a great deal of angst for this kiddo the next morning when it was school picture day, but has since been appreciated since morning hair is always done! :)

And now, Happy October!

Monday, September 23, 2019

College Visit

When we would visit BYU when I was a kid, my parents would always be excited to point out their favorite spots and how things had changed since they were there. "They just finished the Kimball tower right before I graduated!" or "This whole quad was just one giant hole!" kinds of things. I never quite could catch the same enthusiasm that they had, though I did like to stop by the varsity theater snack bar for one cent fruities...

Now, every time we visit BYU with the kids, I am so excited to point out my favorite spots and tell them all about how things have changed since I was there -- "my dorm was right over there!" "You used to be able to drive right through here!" "That's where my old office was!" I finally get it -- there are just so many memories packed into that college time and those once so familiar places. And even knowing that the kids aren't really all that interested, I still show them all my favorite spots, and they offer very similar reactions to what mine once were, with much more enthusiasm for the candy counter or the creamery (understandably :)

Last week, I went along as a chaperone on Landon's college visit day to BYU. (And I left all the sight seeing comments to the tour guide.)  It was a super long bus ride for a super short tour, but still fun to spend the day with Landon and always fun to visit this school I still really love!

Cake Day

I can't remember what the task was Isaac had to do, but one day last week Jordan promised him the reward of choosing a dessert for the next night. He did whatever it was he was supposed to do, and was super excited to choose "cake!" The next day, he talked all through the day about this cake. "I'm the chooser today!" Jordan took the kids to Lee's for a funfetti mix (and sprinkles!) and said yes to Isaac's request for one candle. His sweet excitement was contagious and we all sang "Happy Cake Day to You!" before the kids enjoyed this great mini-cake from Jordan :)

Sunday, September 22, 2019

A few little moments this week

+ Waiting at the orthodontist with Landon as he got his braces on (!). He fidgeted with his feet while he was keeping still for the brackets to go on. One floppy shoe fell off and I reached down to slip it back on and got a secret thumbs up in return.

+ Saying goodnight to Owen. After a night-time prayer, he always hugs me back with a great big hug that I love so much.

+ Bowling with the kids (Ellie and the younger boys while Jordan and Landon were at Bike the Bear). Wrestling Isaac (to avoid more bowling balls filling the gutters of the lanes near us...) as bedtime inched closer, and Porter taking his turn then hurrying back to his seat. Without thinking, he did a quick headstand on the chair, then sat down. (These headstands -- I hope I always remember Porter at 5 and 6 years old and his headstands!)

+ Sitting with Ellie on her bed at the end of each day (two tired girls) to read scriptures together.

+ Morning walks with Isaac. (Oh I love this beautiful place we live -- the trees, the mountains, the grassy fields...) And this cuteness -- Isaac noticed the moon up one morning and pointed it out to me. The next day, he noticed the moon in a slightly different spot and asked "Is the moon magic?" Also from Isaac - all of his so sincere and sweet phrases like "You're welcome" and "I love you too."

+ Falling asleep listening to Jordan read to me. (And his patience finding our place the next night when I realize how much of the story I've missed :)

Friday, September 13, 2019

These days

These are the days of...

+ new morning routines forming

+ slowly making progress on improving our yard - new curbing today!

+ better school mornings. We started the school year with a newly revised "short list" of jobs for the kids and even though we no longer have regular trashes out/towels folded/anything dusted, our mornings feel much happier and more peaceful so I'm still thinking it's worth it.

+ potty training (mostly) success

+ basement floor work (especially by Jordan, but with lots of kid help too whenever possible.)

+ rainstorms, hailstorms (with the largest hail I've seen!), and beautiful cool Fall days

+ after school snacks (I'm still at 100% for having a snack prepped or planned each day - woohoo!)

+ early morning orchestra for Ellie a few days each week

+ late afternoon swimming for Landon a few days each week

+ cub scouts and boy Scouts and activity days and young women and primary

+ happy full days that have a couple of the kids asking "please! can I go to bed at 6:30 every night?" :)

Friday, September 6, 2019

Happy Weekend

I went to our school community council meeting this morning, and it felt nice to be finally feeling like I'm ready for this new school year! Then, Isaac and I had a happy quiet morning - tidying up, a morning walk, movie time/shower time, snack time,  preschool time, working in the garden, reading, playing "Hoot Owl Hoot", making lunch together... (and then his sweet "I'm ready for napping now" !)

Our plans this weekend include: 

+ Working on our basement floor -- Jordan was ready for a big project over Labor Day weekend, so we pulled up all the old carpet (with amazing help from the kids!) and started putting new flooring in (also with great help from the kids!). We've kept up work on it through the week, and we'll keep at it.  I can feel though that it may get harder as the weather is now just about perfect for...

+ Some outside adventures! Yesterday Jordan and the kids ran/rode to Yogurtland, and it was still just a little too hot to be perfectly pleasant. But starting today it looks like we're really getting right into those wonderful Fall temperatures. 

+ Stopping by the 1st Annual Brazilian festival tomorrow here in Logan.

+ Picking up some farmer's market nectarines. 

Happy weekend!