Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Reading Lately (Q1 2021)


It has been a while since I recorded these! I lost one of my notes full of books, then made some new ones which are still inside a cupboard door, then I stopped recording what I read, then pretty much stopped reading books at all (2020). But! In January I taped up a piece of paper next to my goal sheet on my door, and having that up helped me remember each day that this is important to me and something I love and want to do.  It has been great to be reading again! (And there's a good mix of reading-with-kids-for-school-time books and reading on own books here :)

School Days According to Humphrey

    Read this with Porter and it was happy and fun.

The Julian Chapters

    Read this with Ellie and Owen after finishing Wonder -  I love these books :)

Pride and Prejudice

    Re-read this at the beginning of the year as part of my goal to get back to reading, and loved it again!

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

   I love Elizabeth George Speare and I liked this too! 


   A funny fractured fairy tale of the Snow White story from one of the dwarves perspectives

Steal Like an Artist

    Great little reminders and encouragement

To Kill a Mockingbird

    I had recommended this to Landon several times when he needed something to read, but then when I re-read it I was kind of glad he hadn't really gotten into it... Parts of it I loved and felt like were so valuable. The Boo Radley parts were just a bit too unsettling for me. 

Patterns of Grace

    This was an 'I need something to read, what's available on Libby?' choice, but I actually really enjoyed it. I haven't read any of the authors other books, but these little thoughts were really nice.

The Resistance

    The kids read another book by this author with Grammie and Grandpa so I tried this one and liked it - it was a little rougher than the one they read (A Night Divided, which I loved) so not one I'd recommend to them right now, but it was a new perspective that I really enjoyed. 

Show Your Work

    More great reminders and encouragement

Everyday Sacred

    I loved this. One thought that has stuck with me was of the begging bowls and 'just enough' -- am keeping that image in mind as we get ready to venture back into the real world again...

Goose Girl

    I made a goal this month to read a book at night instead of anything on a screen. Started with this re-read because I knew I'd enjoy it and I did :)

Don't Overthink It

   Some good reminders and ideas from the author of Modern Mrs. Darcy

Big Dreams, Daily Joys

    After watching (via instagram) the process of Elise writing this, I was so excited to pre-order and have this book arrive! Then it sat by my bed for a year... finally felt ready for these great ideas on big dreams and daily joys and enjoyed it very much! :)

My Side of the Mountain

    Had fun reading this with Owen. We were both a bit incredulous about a young teenager just deciding to go live in the mountains and his parents being fine with it! 

Walk Two Moons

    Loved re-reading this favorite with Ellie!