Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Happiness/Primary Program

The kids had their primary program this morning. Ellie practiced and practiced her part, standing on the fireplace, working on being brave. Landon folded his up in his pocket, a little nervous. Ellie bravely took her spot on the stand, and as the first speaker in the program lost her practiced braveness for her speaking part and quickly took her seat again. But then sang beautifully and happily and proudly all through the program. Landon sweetly sang and watched all the goings-on around him and sped-read his talk with reddening cheeks (he must be related to me!)  Owen joined them with the other nursery kids for the closing song "I am a Child of God", and a few tears through the closing prayer when there was no seat left for him on the stand.  And this little Porter was just cute in our arms.  :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Wednesday

We had a big package from Amazon delivered today, and Ellie immediately pulled out the yards of brown paper with "we could make capes out of this!" A few minutes later we had Super-Owen and Firestar Ellie jumping off the fireplace and off to the rescue.  Also, the firemen were at the park through the afternoon working on whatever it is they work on there - spreading out their hoses, spraying across the field, coiling up their hoses again... We went to watch and play at the round-a-bout,  and Landon and his friends were soon helping unroll and roll up the hoses. (Yay for firemen who know how to be heroes by letting little boys help!) Also today was a play date for Ellie with a fellow sunbeam Evalyn, complete with secret hideouts and jello jigglers.  I love these little adventures that make for such happy days.

Winter Preparations

emptying the trailer while Jordan fills it :)
I think because I had so fully braced myself for the coming winter last time we had a snow storm, the past few weeks have felt like this wonderful Spring-time or a second Fall. We've had such beautiful days, and I think have done a more complete raking job than any other Fall with the warm/dry days lasting so long into November. We've even had a couple of November campfires, and not even been too cold :) Saturday we spent almost the entire day outside working in the yard, with most of our neighbors doing the same - such a happy hard-working day.

Also exciting - just before Halloween I was suddenly ready and excited to make and do projects again. I cleaned my craftroom, made costumes for the kids (even a tricky princess dress that went from my imagination to Princess Ellie trick-or-treating even better than I hoped!), and now have a list constantly buzzing through my brain full of ideas and things I'd love to make and do. A craft room re-design, a Basement makeover project, a kids reading nook... I think maybe it's my way of coping with the upcoming winter - now I can get exited about spending time in our cozy warm house, just working away. (It could also be that Porter is beginning to nap out of my arms every once in a while too!)

trying out the first new cushion for the kids reading nook

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Super Helper Landon

(Unrelated - Landon getting ready to share a fancy dessert at Elements)
Landon is so great at noticing when someone is having a hard time and jumping to do whatever he can to help them. I have a precious collection of notes he's written me when I've been having a rough time.

Yesterday I was painting some shelves outside and decided to leave the paint roller out in the grass
to dry out before I took it off so it wouldn't be so messy. Unfortunately, with all the snow the paint roller didn't dry out. And Owen found it. And happily painted the back patio, the steps, white plastic chairs, and the picnic table. Landon disappeared and came back just a moment later with a heart shaped note for us "Dear Mom and Dad, please can I help you?" Oh how I love his tender heart!

Welcome November

"I was having a fun time eating the snow!"

We spent most of the day yesterday outside working, painting shelves, raking leaves, having a Monsters University movie party in Jordan's new/almost completed shed, and just enjoying such a beautiful Fall day. This morning we woke up to snow! And what a funny day it has been of back and forth from grey and wintery and snowy to blue skies and green grass and lovely.

The costumes Part 2

One cute puppy Porter 

A fearsome bat Landon

The cutest little fireman around (though maybe a tie with this one from about 5 years ago)

And a beautiful princess Ellie

One more reason to love Whole Foods/Park City trip

Park City fun - playing Agricola

With Carmelitas and Mexican wedding cakes and walnut fudge brownies and about a million other delicious desserts to choose from ... And an awesome salad bar and deli with creative quinoa concoctions for Jordan, Whole Foods has become one of our favorite spots to stop for yummy food when we're out of town. On our last trip to Park City we got dinner there 2 out of 3 nights :)

We had a great little Park City vacation as an early Anniversary celebration/Fall Break with an awesome hotel that had lots of fun activities and things to do (including outdoor hot tubs that even the kids could swim in - quite an experience with the freezing temperatures!), yummy food to eat (like Whole Foods  and the Windy Ridge Cafe), some outside time, the Alpine Slide and other fun activities, and just happy hanging out together time.

Unfortunately in the midst of all the fun,  I lost my wallet. We got home and I started calling all the places we'd visited... and wonderfully, Whole Foods had found it and even mailed it back to me. What a blessing!
tired out from all the fun (and what a big boy this Owen is becoming!)

On a bikeride/run adventure, Jordan and Landon came across the 'shoe tree' and we had to do some research to find out about this funny spot!  (image and another funny story)