Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Amazing April Brough!

Admiring Aunt April's new medal :)
April decided a couple of weeks ago that she was ready to check off another item on her life list and run a marathon. With only a few practice runs ( plus a month of backpacking to get in tip-top shape), she braved a last minute sign up for the Top of Utah marathon and then ran yesterday, and she did absolutely amazing. We had a great time cheering her on and celebrating her great success with her!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Camp Fire

We found out this weekend that we could again have a campfire (with the fire restrictions taken off), so we spent our Monday evening in Logan Canyon. Our latest campfire essentials are: wood, hatchet, lighter, marshmallows and roasting stick, blankets, and a Panda Express dinner (silly!)

A springtime campout that I just found pictures of :)

Just a few more weeks and tonight's beautifully green spot is going to be bursting with reds and oranges and yellows!

A Summer Tuesday

I borrowed Jordan's ipod weeks ago to try out instagram for a day -- just finally put these on my computer and thought they were so fun -- sweet memories of a happy summer tuesday (flower) day. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Run/ Counting

Ellie's favorite picture to draw - we've had fun runs floating all around our house :)

Our ward had a Pioneer Day fun run in July  and Landon amazed us by running most of it and finishing ahead of us (!) I kept thinking he'd stop for a while and I'd catch up the little distance, but he just kept on going!  Later that day, Landon and Ellie started running laps around the block in our house and then they just kept going and going and going. Together they ran 100 laps and then Landon finished somewhere past 200 - what great little runners!
right hand - 1,040  left hand - 1,223  both hands - 110

The other day I came home from a meeting to see Jordan and the kids working in the front yard and Landon practicing his basketball dribbles. When I arrived he'd recently passed the 2,000 point and he was still going strong! 

Feeling loved

A special bed for Mommy
I woke up sick this morning and the kids got straight to work secretly putting together a plateful of provisions for me (fortune cookies, chocolate gold coins, banana bread, fruit snacks...) Landon was happy to be the official taster. Then I had clear instructions to not come into the living room until they're ready! Jordan took the day off work to help, so I went straight back to bed. And woke to find the living room preparations -- a special bed set up for me on the couch complete with love notes, animals, ellie's special blanket, and landon's pillow. I sure love my little family!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School Pics

A happy Landon off to first grade

So Long Sweet Summer

Suddenly it is Fall in Logan -- Landon's back to school,  Ellie and Owen are bundling up with a blanket on our morning runs, our early-changing corner trees are beautifully red, our garden is full of  vegetables  -- Fall is arriving!

Lately --

Setting up the backyard pool (that I promised I would never have!) - Landon's favorite evening activity when our creative work finally got the pool warm enough :)

 More than enough sick days for all of us!

 And some happy relaxing time too

 Rocking and rolling with his favorite cool cars

A last day of summer break lunchtime picnic in the super secret forest adjacent to the Stream of Italy

 Farewell to our Landon on the first day of first grade!

The best little running buddy I could ever ask for -- who sweetly sings me lullabyes along our route :)

Sweet (mischievous) kiddos asleep in Ellie's toddler bed (and Ellie cuddling her books to sleep!)

Working hard on our park strip (and Owen putting himself to sleep for naptime :)