Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Run/ Counting

Ellie's favorite picture to draw - we've had fun runs floating all around our house :)

Our ward had a Pioneer Day fun run in July  and Landon amazed us by running most of it and finishing ahead of us (!) I kept thinking he'd stop for a while and I'd catch up the little distance, but he just kept on going!  Later that day, Landon and Ellie started running laps around the block in our house and then they just kept going and going and going. Together they ran 100 laps and then Landon finished somewhere past 200 - what great little runners!
right hand - 1,040  left hand - 1,223  both hands - 110

The other day I came home from a meeting to see Jordan and the kids working in the front yard and Landon practicing his basketball dribbles. When I arrived he'd recently passed the 2,000 point and he was still going strong!