Sunday, August 31, 2014

Breakfast Making Champion

birthday pancakes 
1st Day of School Waffles

Is there an award somewhere for 'super special breakfast making champion?' If so, Jordan wins :) What lucky kiddos!

Landon's Baptism

Baptism Day

This was such a sweet, special day. Landon was just as excited as can be and so, so happy. As I was planning out the program's talks/music, etc. I chose "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" for the closing song. It was one of Landon's 'love you songs' when he was littler and we'd sing him his five 'love you songs' before bed. And even though it wasn't a baptism song, I just felt like that was the message for the day - that Heavenly Father loved Landon. When Bishop Etherington gave his final remarks at the baptism, he got teary as he expressed the same words to Landon - How proud Heavenly Father was of him and how much he loved him. And the bishop later told Jordan just how strongly he felt that impression as he spoke. 

And oh, how we love Landon too!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A few thoughts from Ellie on the first day of Kindergarten

Back to school! (Ellie's been planning to wear her 'Kindergarten Rocks!' shirt for months! :) And Landon looks so grown up today!)
first comment when we picked her up (in a happy cheerful, I know I will some day voice):  I didn't make a best friend yet  (yesterday she told me on the way home from back-to-school night 'Maybe I'll make a best friend in Kindergarten!')

about recess: I was feeling a little scared, so I just stood. And I was looking for Landon, because I thought maybe we could have a fun time playing together… I was just getting used to being in the classroom and I was a little scared about the new place. 
and later: I bet soon I'll get used to recess and then I'll have a fun time playing.

about friends: Actually I did find one person at school who already is my buddy, and has been my buddy for a really long time! It was you! (Me! :)
about making friends: Maybe I could say, 'What's your name? And do you want to be friends?'

what was something happy? It was longer than I thought it would be! (yesterday she said she wished it could go from 8:30 until 4:00!)
something sad? recess

To Jordan's question "what would your mood-chooser be on about Kindergarten?" Hmm. I don't know! Because it doesn't have this one… Proud! And brave!!

In sum: It was awesome!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The big news this week (sleep!)

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Porter! (And this boy sure loves wood chips :)
Our kids have all had a rough time learning to sleep - I've read and studied and researched everything there is to know about infant sleep, (and have often felt like this about it :)  but somehow our little ones have just struggled. After almost a year of super crazy sleep with Porter, we finally reached out for help and found what so far feels like it might just be the answer to our prayers!
We visited with a new pediatrician and then with a sleep specialist at Primary Children's Hospital, and after going through all the 'should's' of infant sleep that we already have down (good naps, early bedtime, routines, loveys, consistency, drowsy-but-awake, white noise, etc.) he offered a suggestion for a new plan and we've finally had several nights with 4 hour sleep stretches, and even one 7 hour night (!!!)
We have been living in survival mode for so long that I can hardly remember or imagine what regular life looks like for us. But oh I'm so grateful to maybe be on our way there again!