Sunday, August 31, 2014

Landon's Baptism

Baptism Day

This was such a sweet, special day. Landon was just as excited as can be and so, so happy. As I was planning out the program's talks/music, etc. I chose "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" for the closing song. It was one of Landon's 'love you songs' when he was littler and we'd sing him his five 'love you songs' before bed. And even though it wasn't a baptism song, I just felt like that was the message for the day - that Heavenly Father loved Landon. When Bishop Etherington gave his final remarks at the baptism, he got teary as he expressed the same words to Landon - How proud Heavenly Father was of him and how much he loved him. And the bishop later told Jordan just how strongly he felt that impression as he spoke. 

And oh, how we love Landon too!