Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Ready or not

Back to school prep with help from April 

It's back to school day! 
And thanks to April and her amazing help, the kids all left for school in clean clothes even. :)
We came home from our end of summer trip, ready to spend a day with laundry and then be DONE with the sickness we'd all had through the week. April stopped with us for an extra day or two to recover before heading home, and when Jordan and I both got sick (we thought we'd already been through it!) we were just so grateful for her help! She washed and dried and washed and dried and even laundromat-ed, helped the kids set out their first day of school clothes, search for their lunchboxes, empty backpacks... basically just made all the things happen that needed to happen on the day before school! (Thank you April!!)

And today they're off! 
I got everyone to school and Isaac and I had our first on-our-own morning. A quiet breakfast, morning jobs ('are you almost done?'), watering the garden together, some sick-day movie time, and our first little preschool time that Isaac was so excited about. Cheese roll-ups and our Hap Palmer and 'shake your sillies out' lunchtime music, then nap time and now this quiet time. 

I sure loved this summertime. We had some sickness and some normal sibling squabble type stress. But also so many moments when I felt like I wished these summer days could just go on forever. We've kind of limped into this new phase of back-to-school, but (ready or not) it's here and I do feel at least a little bit of excitement and wonder for what might come our way in this new time. 
Here we go!