Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet birthday moment

After panning for gold (digging with their fingers through dirt and mud for gold-painted rocks :), I took the boys inside to wash up for lunch. I helped the line-up of cowboys each scrub their hands in the sink. After the first 2 or 3, I got to Landon and as soon as I held his soapy fingers under the faucet, I just had the immediate thought of 'hey - I know these hands!'

Such a sweet moment. To feel those fingers - warm, a little chubby still, strong - familiar. My own sons little hands. Once tiny hands that wrapped around my fingers - grasping, learning. Hands that held mine, crossing streets - sometimes willingly, more often not. Hands I played alongside with sometimes exhaustively - ducks, trains, cars. Hands that I've guided on the piano keys, teaching 'here we go, up a row'. Hands that have helped pour, mix, stir beside mine. Two little hands that sometimes still find mine. What a sweet 5 years of getting to know those little hands!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On my wall

We don't have many decorations up in our bedroom yet (any, actually) but Landon started decorating for us a few months ago. I see this on the wall across from our bed every time I wake up. :)
"Ellie, I love you Mommy so much"

I think that painters tape is the best invention for little ones. And I think that love notes are the best thing of all for Mommys.


Oh, I love these smiles. (Sometimes I wake up in the morning with Owen after a rough night and see his happy face and think, 'I guess that wasn't so bad...')

Owen brings such happiness into our family. We love to get him giggling and see his darling smiles. He loves to stand up and dance (from Landon "He's really grooving, isn't he?!?") and he loves to watch and observe and see all the things happening around him.

We love him so much!

Birthday cake

Someday I'll make a cake like this (found here)

(In the meantime, I'll do my best :)

Cake decorating is something that I always think I should be good at, but then I go to try it and it just doesn't work out how I imagine it should.

For Landon's birthday, we looked at birthday cakes together at FamilyFun and he pointed out several that he loved - to which I would say "I don't think Mommy can do that - let's find one Mommy can make..." (What I didn't say, but really meant was 'I can't make a cake like that and have it look so fabulous and perfect like I'd want to')

Finally, he said "You don't have to make one just like this -- it's okay if it looks a little funny."

Of course he doesn't care if it is fancy-schmancy or perfect. Why should I worry?

So today I made Landon's request of a #5 race-track birthday cake. Landon coached me through it.
It's okay mom if it looks a little funny.
You're doing great!
You don't need to fix it, it's okay if it's a little messed up.
It's looking really good!
You don't have to fix it, it's fine.
It's okay!"
Good job!

And a little later "Do you know what I'm so excited about for my birthday? The birthday cake!!"

getting excited

Landon's getting super excited for his birthday. Counting down the days for the past few weeks, letting everyone he meets know that he will turn 5 "in July 27th", passing out birthday party invitations to his friends. But, now that it is getting closer he's starting to feel (as he says) "also a little sad... It's hard to turn five when I really like being four!" It seems like Landon has always had a bit of an identity crisis around his birthdays since his age is so much of who he is --' Landon Brough 4-years-old' (or "I'm not three!! I'm two!!")

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School days

A conversation from Landon --

When I go to school, my teacher will say 'who knows how to draw a one?'
And I will say 'I do!' and I will show her a line - one.'
And she will say 'How did you learn to do that already?!?'
And I will say 'Because. My mom is a teacher!!'

(And she will say 'no she's not.'
And I will say 'yes. she is.'
And she will say 'no she's not.
And I will say 'yes. she really is!'...)

Mrs. Brough: Centennial Middle School - you can tell from the pigtails that I forgot it was school picture day :)

Landon thinks it's pretty amazing that I was a teacher. He's always so proud to tell people who ask where he goes to preschool that he does preschool at home with his mom. A few days ago, he asked 'When you were a teacher, did you know all of the things that you taught to the children?' Followed by ' Why did you not teach me all of the things yet?'

We are all going to miss this Landon when he starts kindergarten.
From Ellie --
"Landon's going to go to kindergarten at August. He will go to school in August. And I will cry when he goes to kindergarten. And you [mommy] will prob-ly cry a little bit too."

Maybe so! But I know Landon will really love it - the new friends, new things to learn, a new teacher... I think he will be one happy boy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Raspberry

Our garden is growing! I'm so excited for our new raspberry patch and all the delicious berries to come. Also, we have tomatoes, squash, onions and carrots, peppers, zucchini and sugar snap peas on the way. Hooray!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sweet moment

(Unrelated and a bit fuzzy picture - but just cute mid-laugh :)

Last night I was sitting at the counter with the kids eating strawberry shortcake for dessert when Ellie said, "I'm going to tell you something Mommy." (What's that Ellie?) "I love you so much!" Then Landon hopped down from his stool to give me a nice sticky strawberry shortcake kiss on the cheek along with an "I love you all the millions!"

I sure love these guys all the millions too!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday Plans

I was writing a list of things to do tomorrow, and Landon asked if I'd make a list for him too. I loved his ideas and hearing my own phrases coming from him. So here it is - Landon's Saturday to-do list, in his own words: Looks like tomorrow will be a busy, happy and productive day for Landon! :)

My boys

Landon sure loves to hold this little Owen!


Just a happy glimpse of playtime at our house yesterday. I was walking through the house delivering toys and clothes and books and other random items to their rightful places. Walked past Landon's room and heard, with intensity and all seriousness

"...and then Emporer Zerg was about to come after them..."

Then into the kitchen where Ellie handed me a bit of blue play dough. With her excited eyes and voice, "Here is a piece of chocolate cookie ice cream for you!"

These two are such a funny contrast!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking Bright

I've finally started running again and I'm loving how it feels. I had forgotten what a blessing it was. The time to enjoy the beautiful place I live, to think and ponder, to enjoy my healthy and strong body and to work hard and know I will be healthier and stronger still. Hooray to be a runner again!

(Rainbows over our home a few weeks ago)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 months old

What a happy guy this little Owen is. Observant and watchful, orderly in his daily routine of smiles, sleepiness, etc. So happy to make eye contact, hold conversations of "goo, ah-goo". Loves smiling faces. Is discovering his hands and loves to hold his hands together - just figuring them out. Laughed spontaneously at sillyness for the first time today with Jordan - I can't wait till Landon gets him laughing. Landon will think that is just the best thing in the world. :) Sleeps swaddled up between mom and dad - loves to be held close. So strong - holding his head with not much bobble-headedness, just surprised us by rolling over yesterday.

You like the curious feel of standing on your feet. And you like sitting up and seeing the world. You just noticed your toes today, I think you will soon love those toes :) We love your smiles, your little talking, your wide eyes, your sweetness and your happiness.

Owen, we love you!

Hidden Talent

Jordan's cousins had a mini-class at the family reunion where they showed the kids how to make balloon animals. I tagged along with Landon and had so much fun that I ordered some more balloons when we got home. I love Landon and Ellie's amazement with my dogs, giraffes, and crazy hat creations. :)


"I'm not silly -- I'm just beautiful!"