Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday cake

Someday I'll make a cake like this (found here)

(In the meantime, I'll do my best :)

Cake decorating is something that I always think I should be good at, but then I go to try it and it just doesn't work out how I imagine it should.

For Landon's birthday, we looked at birthday cakes together at FamilyFun and he pointed out several that he loved - to which I would say "I don't think Mommy can do that - let's find one Mommy can make..." (What I didn't say, but really meant was 'I can't make a cake like that and have it look so fabulous and perfect like I'd want to')

Finally, he said "You don't have to make one just like this -- it's okay if it looks a little funny."

Of course he doesn't care if it is fancy-schmancy or perfect. Why should I worry?

So today I made Landon's request of a #5 race-track birthday cake. Landon coached me through it.
It's okay mom if it looks a little funny.
You're doing great!
You don't need to fix it, it's okay if it's a little messed up.
It's looking really good!
You don't have to fix it, it's fine.
It's okay!"
Good job!

And a little later "Do you know what I'm so excited about for my birthday? The birthday cake!!"