Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School days

A conversation from Landon --

When I go to school, my teacher will say 'who knows how to draw a one?'
And I will say 'I do!' and I will show her a line - one.'
And she will say 'How did you learn to do that already?!?'
And I will say 'Because. My mom is a teacher!!'

(And she will say 'no she's not.'
And I will say 'yes. she is.'
And she will say 'no she's not.
And I will say 'yes. she really is!'...)

Mrs. Brough: Centennial Middle School - you can tell from the pigtails that I forgot it was school picture day :)

Landon thinks it's pretty amazing that I was a teacher. He's always so proud to tell people who ask where he goes to preschool that he does preschool at home with his mom. A few days ago, he asked 'When you were a teacher, did you know all of the things that you taught to the children?' Followed by ' Why did you not teach me all of the things yet?'

We are all going to miss this Landon when he starts kindergarten.
From Ellie --
"Landon's going to go to kindergarten at August. He will go to school in August. And I will cry when he goes to kindergarten. And you [mommy] will prob-ly cry a little bit too."

Maybe so! But I know Landon will really love it - the new friends, new things to learn, a new teacher... I think he will be one happy boy.