Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One month in Logan!

(A happy girl with her happy daddy!)

We went for a hike here yesterday in Logan canyon and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors. Landon loved following the trail along the river and throwing rocks in every little while.

Other first month here events -- I paid my first overdue fine at the library and felt like a true Logan citizen :) Landon is playing on the city soccer team for 3&4-year-olds. We're enjoying lots of lunch break and after work bike rides,
rollerblading, running, etc. Landon and I went for a scooter ride while Ellie finished naptime this afternoon (Darby and Tigger went on a scooter ride that is.) Jordan was just called as the Elders Quorum secretary
and I'm off on my first visiting teaching appointment tomorrow. Landon's sunbeam class is the largest class in the primary so there are lots of friends his age. Ellie is working on figuring out nursery and has a great time as long as Mommy or Daddy are there with her.

And I'm just excited for more of these beautiful Autumn days to spend with our little family!

(All along our hike, Landon ran up ahead to collect rocks and throw them in the river at the next spot where he trail met the water. He's never had such a great hike!)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

We took Landon and Ellie to the Willow Park Zoo yesterday as part of our Friday night date night. It's a great little zoo with lots of Utah-native type animals and a few other fun ones too.
(Like this super cool duck)
"Mine -- Walking!" Ellie pushed her stroller all through the zoo. Besides the giant turtle (which Landon got down to talk to a while and Ellie was quite nervous about), I don't think that Ellie noticed there were animals around. That's how much she loves pushing her stroller!

"Hi there! Are you a swan or a goose?" Landon raced from exhibit to exhibit with such excitement about the next cool thing to see. His favorites were (from what I could tell) the owls "Look -- Come see!! I found an owl!!" and some giant climbing rocks + a 2nd grade friend to play with.

Helicopter Ride

We went to the Brigham City 'Peach Days' celebration a few weekends ago with April. Although there really weren't many peachy-type things around, it was still an exciting day with a helicopter ride for Landon and April! (And a trip to Costco afterwards :)Ellie just loved watching the helicopter. Until it was back in the air she had her eyes right on it.
And there they are - flying high! (Jordan has some fun video on his camera I'll have to add later :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beginnings of Autumn

We watched a little movie about apple farming today for part of Landon's preschool apple week. Seeing all of the fun harvest time things made me remember how great autumn is. And, seeing this recipe today for some delicious looking peach cobbler -- cakey (my fav) instead of biscuity- (Jordan's very favorite) -- made me think that the next few weeks should be filled with yummy fall treats: peach cobbler, apple spice cake donuts, homemade applesauce, pumpkin pie/cookies/muffins...

It has been beautiful here. Perfect bike riding weather or sit on the porch weather. We had a delicious french toast breakfast-for-dinner picnic on our front porch tonight.

We're getting settled in enough to start thinking about where our next big focus ought to be. It will be exciting to see what we come up with! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some fun things

A few things we're loving about our new home -->

A new utensil drawer divider set. Jordan and I both feel so fancy when we pull out our can opener from such a lovely organized drawer!

A friendly spot. Because we live right next to the park, there are frequently people walking by on their way to go play, walk, relax, etc.

A beautiful neighborhood. We've had a few fun bike rides, etc. and we just love the neighborhood. The homes are all fun and unique and well cared for so it is just so pleasant to adventure around in.

A double oven and super fast heating gas stove. I think it takes a pot of water about 4 minutes to boil. And the upper oven takes about 3 minutes to preheat. Wow!

A built in dishwasher. Goodbye nightly wheeling the dishwasher across the kitchen ritual. :)

Lots of loops. Landon and Ellie's favorite game before was chase around the island. Now they can chase around the kitchen/dining room/entry loop or the living room/reading area loop or the downstairs family room/craft room loop. What lucky kids!

A gas fireplace. We've spent a few Autumn nights cooling/freezing our house with open windows and then enjoying a nice warm fire. :)

Friendly neighbors. Everyone seems very friendly and welcoming and happy to have a young family here.

And now we're off to Brigham City's Peach days and a Helicopter ride for Jordan and April and Landon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just funny

Once for a punishment Landon had to write "I Love You Mommy" on a paper Jordan had printed out. Not long after, Landon was playing pretend with his deer and zebra --

"Deer was being mean, mean, mean to Zebra so he needs to write I Love You Zebra lots of times!" I printed this out at Landon's request and he held Deer just right to help him complete his punishment.

Settling In

(Our first night in our new home with a welcome home party celebration from April)

We're close to having all of our boxes unpacked and are getting down to the tricky things like where to hang pictures :) This week I got my library card and my visiting teaching assignments, our mail was forwarded to our new house, and we went to our new playgroup for the second time.

Winslow headed back to California after helping us pack, project, move (he even drove the moving truck for us!), unpack, do some more projects (including a freshly painted garage floor and tool peg board for Jordan), visit and play play play with our kids.
Autumn seemed to come on so suddenly (notice all that red in the trees behind Landon at our house -- 2 weeks ago when we first moved in, just the very tips were turning red!)

(Ellie climbing on the rocks in the round-a-bout next to our house)

We still haven't quite gotten over the fact that we actually live here now and aren't going to be going home (to Provo) once this little vacation is over :)

Something's Missing in this Picture...

Landon's training wheels are off! I was just certain that Landon would be begging to put them back on after trying his bike out without, but I was wrong -- After just a little practice, he was up and cruising! (I left as he first started out and came back 30 minutes later to see him riding circles on his own around the round about by our house!) Amazing!