Friday, September 10, 2010

Settling In

(Our first night in our new home with a welcome home party celebration from April)

We're close to having all of our boxes unpacked and are getting down to the tricky things like where to hang pictures :) This week I got my library card and my visiting teaching assignments, our mail was forwarded to our new house, and we went to our new playgroup for the second time.

Winslow headed back to California after helping us pack, project, move (he even drove the moving truck for us!), unpack, do some more projects (including a freshly painted garage floor and tool peg board for Jordan), visit and play play play with our kids.
Autumn seemed to come on so suddenly (notice all that red in the trees behind Landon at our house -- 2 weeks ago when we first moved in, just the very tips were turning red!)

(Ellie climbing on the rocks in the round-a-bout next to our house)

We still haven't quite gotten over the fact that we actually live here now and aren't going to be going home (to Provo) once this little vacation is over :)