Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some fun things

A few things we're loving about our new home -->

A new utensil drawer divider set. Jordan and I both feel so fancy when we pull out our can opener from such a lovely organized drawer!

A friendly spot. Because we live right next to the park, there are frequently people walking by on their way to go play, walk, relax, etc.

A beautiful neighborhood. We've had a few fun bike rides, etc. and we just love the neighborhood. The homes are all fun and unique and well cared for so it is just so pleasant to adventure around in.

A double oven and super fast heating gas stove. I think it takes a pot of water about 4 minutes to boil. And the upper oven takes about 3 minutes to preheat. Wow!

A built in dishwasher. Goodbye nightly wheeling the dishwasher across the kitchen ritual. :)

Lots of loops. Landon and Ellie's favorite game before was chase around the island. Now they can chase around the kitchen/dining room/entry loop or the living room/reading area loop or the downstairs family room/craft room loop. What lucky kids!

A gas fireplace. We've spent a few Autumn nights cooling/freezing our house with open windows and then enjoying a nice warm fire. :)

Friendly neighbors. Everyone seems very friendly and welcoming and happy to have a young family here.

And now we're off to Brigham City's Peach days and a Helicopter ride for Jordan and April and Landon!