Sunday, January 22, 2012

From Jordan's blog

I don't know what it means, except that Jordan is doing what he loves at work again (programming). Hooray!

Jumping for Joy

(Missing from the picture is Owen sitting nearby laughing and laughing with each of Ellie's big jumps off the fireplace :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Ellie Girl!

A birthday girl picture from Grammie
(a message from Landon: "cute girl in the picture!")

a birthday breakfast from Jordan
We loved Grammie and Grandpa visiting for Ellie's birthday!

Birthday party games with some of Ellie's best friends -- Mommy, Daddy, Landon & Owen, Grammie, Grandpa, April & Nathan
The birthday girl w/ her ice cream cup filled pinata -- much harder to break than I anticipated (a chant from Landon while Jordan prepped for a second swing -- "Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Go! But don't break everything in the garage!")
I asked Ellie what kind of a birthday cake she wanted, and we heard her serious reply for several days "a light blue cupcake cake. because light blue is a girls favorite color, but dark blue is a boy color." I took Ellie to Lee's to help pick out a cake mix --on the baking aisle, I asked her which mix she'd like. "um... a cupcake cake." but which one? "a cupcake one. a light blue cupcake cake." :)

Trying out her new built by mom and dad soccer net
(a message from Landon -- "Ellie's a great girl and now she's three!")
carefully removing each piece of tape and setting the tape strips in a neat pile...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Nothin' but blue sky

(last years' winter)


I can't say enough how grateful I've been for such a beautifully clear, warm, dry and blue sky January. Landon's class has been working on a graph of the weather each school day this year -- with the constant sunny days, they hadn't had anything to compare yet. Yesterday they finally got to add a second category (snow) to their graph. I think at last the winter I dreaded in October is coming -- but with a January arrival, it seems much less dreadful. :) What a wonderful January blessing it has been to open our blinds each morning and delight in yet another blue sky day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Me and my little Owen guy

I started this last month -- came across it again in the last few days and realized that already Owen is a different little boy. Ready to climb out of my arms, down to the floor to crawl his way around, work his way up, cruise along and enjoy his own discoveries. How swift the moments fly!

New Calling

from Teaching Little Fingers to Play (my sister's first piano book)

I am really excited about my new calling to be a Webelos leader in our ward. My only experience with scouting was about 15 years ago, attending pack meeting with my little brother. My strongest memory is of 'giving a round of applause'. :) But with Landon as the youngest little pre-cub-scout, a handbook full of fun activities to do, a great partner, and 4 good scouts from the stake... I'm pretty excited about this new change!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Owen at 9 months

Owen on Christmas morning

You are our little Owen guy. And oh what a happy little guy you are. You're crawling, standing, cruising along the fireplace and couches and cupboards. You love mashed bananas and banana puffs, and plastic spoons are one of your favorite toys. You're still learning to sleep, but had your first real 6 hour stretch a few nights ago. (Hooray!!) Landon and Ellie love you so and love to make you smile. They'll compete earnestly for your attention to their sillyness and they celebrate even the smallest of your smiles or tiny giggles. Especially in your sleepyness, you give the best sweet Owen hugs -- neck burrowing, hair pulling, cheek grabbing hugs. You're learning how to let us know that you want to be up in our arms as your teeth continue to come in (poor thing!). You spend most days in cozy footy pajamas. And mostly you are just a happy guy. Watchful, content, learning and growing at a rate that I can hardly believe, beginning to discover and understand and figure things out more and more... we love you so!

And just something I want to remember --

One day I was choosing some baby food at Lee's when Ellie saw the gerber baby and said "That's Owen!" I answered something like 'that does look like Owen, doesn't it"' and she answered seriously "No, it is Owen!" She likes to say "Owen is the Gerber baby of all!"

Sunday, January 1, 2012

School Christmas Program

Somehow I didn't even think to take along a camera to Landon's school Christmas program,
but he looked so sharp I had to catch some pictures after school. :)

I loved Landon's Christmas program. It was so fun to see him sing and do the little motions and actions and give his fancy speaking part. Ellie stood on the chair next to me cheering "Yay Landon!" She's been singing with giggles her favorite line from one of his songs ever since "Gingerbread cookies in my little tum-tum!" His class also had a 'teddy bear picnic' that day, so Landon felt like it was just about the best school day ever.