Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Owen at 9 months

Owen on Christmas morning

You are our little Owen guy. And oh what a happy little guy you are. You're crawling, standing, cruising along the fireplace and couches and cupboards. You love mashed bananas and banana puffs, and plastic spoons are one of your favorite toys. You're still learning to sleep, but had your first real 6 hour stretch a few nights ago. (Hooray!!) Landon and Ellie love you so and love to make you smile. They'll compete earnestly for your attention to their sillyness and they celebrate even the smallest of your smiles or tiny giggles. Especially in your sleepyness, you give the best sweet Owen hugs -- neck burrowing, hair pulling, cheek grabbing hugs. You're learning how to let us know that you want to be up in our arms as your teeth continue to come in (poor thing!). You spend most days in cozy footy pajamas. And mostly you are just a happy guy. Watchful, content, learning and growing at a rate that I can hardly believe, beginning to discover and understand and figure things out more and more... we love you so!

And just something I want to remember --

One day I was choosing some baby food at Lee's when Ellie saw the gerber baby and said "That's Owen!" I answered something like 'that does look like Owen, doesn't it"' and she answered seriously "No, it is Owen!" She likes to say "Owen is the Gerber baby of all!"