Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Ellie Girl!

A birthday girl picture from Grammie
(a message from Landon: "cute girl in the picture!")

a birthday breakfast from Jordan
We loved Grammie and Grandpa visiting for Ellie's birthday!

Birthday party games with some of Ellie's best friends -- Mommy, Daddy, Landon & Owen, Grammie, Grandpa, April & Nathan
The birthday girl w/ her ice cream cup filled pinata -- much harder to break than I anticipated (a chant from Landon while Jordan prepped for a second swing -- "Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Go! But don't break everything in the garage!")
I asked Ellie what kind of a birthday cake she wanted, and we heard her serious reply for several days "a light blue cupcake cake. because light blue is a girls favorite color, but dark blue is a boy color." I took Ellie to Lee's to help pick out a cake mix --on the baking aisle, I asked her which mix she'd like. "um... a cupcake cake." but which one? "a cupcake one. a light blue cupcake cake." :)

Trying out her new built by mom and dad soccer net
(a message from Landon -- "Ellie's a great girl and now she's three!")
carefully removing each piece of tape and setting the tape strips in a neat pile...

Happy Birthday Ellie!