Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moving Day

(image from motherhuddle found here)

We had a successful moving day yesterday thanks to lots of help from friends and family and neighbors. So many people helped us so much and so kindly - cleaning, projecting, loading and unloading the truck (with some major puzzle piece packing to fit everything in!), playing with our kids, bringing us lunch and dinner, even a surprise welcome home party waiting for us in our new home. We're feeling blessed.

We thought we'd have a quiet farewell to our Provo home with just our little family and maybe a box of tissues :) As it turned out, with a 1 hour later than expected departure, the new family was moving in as we were finishing moving out so we left to a busy, bustling, who-gets-which-room-deciding, happy home.

Life just keeps moving along!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saying goodbye...

We're on our week of lasts in Provo. Last Sunday in church. Last playgroup this morning. Last storytime tomorrow and last Yoga night Wednesday. Lots of goodbyes. We will sure miss our friends.
(From our favorite Provo places picture collection - every time we drive down state street heading home we hear from Landon "There's the Hotdog King!" It means we're almost home. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moving Cards

I saw this baby shower invite on inchmark journal and thought it was just beautiful. So, tonight I copied the idea and remade it with omnigraffle into some moving cards to give to friends. (Although I'm unsure if I am actually bold enough to say "don't you still want to be my friend, even if I am moving away?" :) Either way, it was really fun practice and exciting to be able to recreate something so lovely.

(the real cards have real info :)

We had a super busy day of packing and prepping. Jordan took care of the kids almost all day and let me just work like crazy on getting things done - hooray!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy to Mom

Transitioning from Debbie to Miss Uharriet to Mrs. Brough all seemed pretty easy. And from Mrs. Brough to Mommy was probably the sweetest change of all.

But going from Mommy to Mom is hard.

My little boy is growing up!
"It sounds kind of funny when I saw Mommy, so I will call you Debbie..."
"I'm four now! So, I can just call you Mom!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Summer Days

These are happy, busy summer days

of packing, finalizing all the paperwork and last minute issues on our loan and home, playing and pretending, checking things off, spending extra time with our friends before saying good bye, sticking to routines - playgroup, storytime, yoga, book group... (I will miss these!), reading and singing and playing with Landon and Ellie --- and mostly getting ready for our big move next week (!!!) to this lovely place -->

Congratulations to Kelly!

Kelly and Josh are now officially engaged! Kelly came over last night and tried on my wedding dress to see if she might want to borrow it. So fun to see my little sister as a beautiful bride-to-be and hear her making plans for her wedding and all. I'm so happy for her. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Favorite Provo Spots

I've been taking snapshots of some of our favorite Provo places to make into a book for Landon when we move. Tonight Jordan rode his bike up the canyon with the kids to a park we like and I met them up there for a picnic dinner and FHE. A fun summer evening!

(Our favorite picnic spot at the canyon park )


Last weekend while I was out on errands, Landon was working hard to be a great helper and make a good snack for Ellie. She is a super picky eater, so he tried to get all the things he thought she would really like -- pita bread, strawberry yogurt, popcorn, blue marker... (Jordan did quickly notice something was amiss when Ellie started turning blue-ish eating her snack!)

Hard Working Boys

Landon mowed the whole back yard with Jordan this weekend -- two hard working boys!

Journal Writing

Landon decided last week that his new goal would be to write in his journal each day. I made him a journal and this was part of his first entry --

"I will tell you a story. One day I was walking to my Grandpa's house. But then, I saw an excitement! My Grandpa and Grammy were coming to visit me! It's nice when your Grandpa and Grandma come to visit, isn't it? It's nice too when you have a sister to play with and to take care of when she needs care."

Also, I saw this funny bit someone wrote about trying out journal writing with their kids --

"We'll see how it all ends, I mean, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make that horse write in a journal, but sometimes that horse will write in it if you're having quiet time and the alternative is taking a nap."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Funny story

Last night Jordan was talking to Landon after putting him back to bed several times and had a conversation something like this --
Jordan -- "Landon, Heavenly Father gave you a big strong body and you need to learn how to control it."
Landon -- "I wish Heavenly Father only created days and not nights."

(meaning' oh- it is so hard for a little boy like me to go to sleep! if only there were no nights and I could just play all the time and never have to go to bed...' :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

How things look at our house these days

Things are green around here

These are happy summer days with plants and grass and trees and gardens and children growing.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Jeep Memories


This weekend when we were up in Logan we got to go for a ride around our new neighborhood in the jeep.

When Jordan and I were dating he was driving the jeep so I have so many fun memories of jeep driving and falling in love. :)

Driving to Salt Lake to go ice-skating at the Gallavan Center where I had "a surprisingly fun time."

On the way home from country dancing when Jordan asked me to go on a rollerblading picnic - caught me off guard enough that I said yes. again.

Hair flying crazily on the way back from a canyon drive, Jordan had the courage to say "You're beautiful" and I realized - wow this guy must really like me...

My new hat just for jeeping

Jordan picking me up at the BC where I lived for one Spring term when we started dating.

Driving lessons in the canyon with Jenny too.

Jordan driving a bit wildly past my family reunion at the park- my Grandmother's first impression

A trip to Mimi's with Winslow - "meeting the parents" for the first time :)

Decorating the windshield for Jordan's birthday - feeling lame for not doing more and learning later how much it meant

Coming out to my car to find the Jeep trying to snuggle up close with my little tercel...

Such fun times to remember. :)

Things we're excited for

Going to church today, I was really sad to know that we would be so soon leaving all of these good friends that I have grown to love here in our ward. I will miss them and I know Landon will miss his great friends and teachers.

We went to Logan this weekend to be there for the home inspection and it was fun to be in the house again and look around at the neighborhood some more.

So in looking at the cheerier things of the day -- here are some things we are excited for in our new home:
  • The park across the street. We spent some time there and we're so excited for the chance we'll have to go and play and to be able to talk to each other too while our kids play!
  • Landon and Ellie having separate bedrooms to make sleeping time easier
  • Jordan having his own office and space for exercise equipment too
  • Living close to April
  • Jeep rides
  • Hosting Thanksgiving in our new home.
  • A garage
  • Teaching preschool for Landon
  • Planting raspberries
  • Planting new trees
  • (For Jordan mostly - a freezer on the bottom style refrigerator and fancy double oven)
  • Planning and decorating and personalizing our new home
  • Helping to get a new library storytime started for Ellie's age.
  • Finding all the things that we will grow to love about Logan.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Under Contract!

After a lot of deliberating and a bit of negotiating, we now have a contract for this Logan home! We're working quickly to get everything done and hopefully will close before the end of the month. It will be an exciting month of preparations!

Here are the specs:

5 bed/3 bath, 3228 sqft, built in 1976
Upstairs has kitchen, dining room, living room, study area, 3 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms
The basement has a family room, study area, 2 bedrooms w/ great big windows (Jordan's office and a guest room), bathroom, laundry room, big storage area.

We're excited to be moving forward with all of our plans! Landon will get to sleep in his own bed everynight, Ellie will have a room to herself, Jordan will have an office (although the picnic table on the side of the house has been pretty fun... :) And I'll even have a sewing/crafting place.

We will sure miss this little home though and all of our friends here (and Costco and the Orem Library storytime and playgroup and Yoga...) But maybe renting out our home here will mean more frequent visits to Provo. :)

And it's exciting to imagine what great things may be in store for us up in Logan.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Landon Brough - Four Years Old!

We had a fun birthday party for Landon on Saturday with his friends. A splashing pool with boats and fishing, duck duck goose, frog jumping & fly catching,

turtle races, fishing for lunches, yummy chocolate fishy cupcakes,

presents and friends and playing and a happy Landon! :)