Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things we're excited for

Going to church today, I was really sad to know that we would be so soon leaving all of these good friends that I have grown to love here in our ward. I will miss them and I know Landon will miss his great friends and teachers.

We went to Logan this weekend to be there for the home inspection and it was fun to be in the house again and look around at the neighborhood some more.

So in looking at the cheerier things of the day -- here are some things we are excited for in our new home:
  • The park across the street. We spent some time there and we're so excited for the chance we'll have to go and play and to be able to talk to each other too while our kids play!
  • Landon and Ellie having separate bedrooms to make sleeping time easier
  • Jordan having his own office and space for exercise equipment too
  • Living close to April
  • Jeep rides
  • Hosting Thanksgiving in our new home.
  • A garage
  • Teaching preschool for Landon
  • Planting raspberries
  • Planting new trees
  • (For Jordan mostly - a freezer on the bottom style refrigerator and fancy double oven)
  • Planning and decorating and personalizing our new home
  • Helping to get a new library storytime started for Ellie's age.
  • Finding all the things that we will grow to love about Logan.