Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Jeep Memories


This weekend when we were up in Logan we got to go for a ride around our new neighborhood in the jeep.

When Jordan and I were dating he was driving the jeep so I have so many fun memories of jeep driving and falling in love. :)

Driving to Salt Lake to go ice-skating at the Gallavan Center where I had "a surprisingly fun time."

On the way home from country dancing when Jordan asked me to go on a rollerblading picnic - caught me off guard enough that I said yes. again.

Hair flying crazily on the way back from a canyon drive, Jordan had the courage to say "You're beautiful" and I realized - wow this guy must really like me...

My new hat just for jeeping

Jordan picking me up at the BC where I lived for one Spring term when we started dating.

Driving lessons in the canyon with Jenny too.

Jordan driving a bit wildly past my family reunion at the park- my Grandmother's first impression

A trip to Mimi's with Winslow - "meeting the parents" for the first time :)

Decorating the windshield for Jordan's birthday - feeling lame for not doing more and learning later how much it meant

Coming out to my car to find the Jeep trying to snuggle up close with my little tercel...

Such fun times to remember. :)