Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And just some more fun

Jordan's new office
Now that it is warmer, Jordan's moved his office (from the playhouse) outside. (And now, a few weeks later, his little corner is really turning quite beautiful with all of the leaves on the trees showing up.)

Growing Girl!
Ellie's really learning to communicate with us - with new words and greater persistence in letting us know what she wants.

"Let's pretend I'm Daddy -- 'I love you so much my sweetheart!'"

"Look at this cool thing I made. It's a block Museum! Can you even believe it?"

Landon is really learning to love being a good big brother to Ellie. He loves when she is happily playing with him, or when she'll let him feed her, or when he can make her laugh.

Moab Vacation
Just sitting back and relaxing by the Colorado river in the Moab hotel/cabin that April so sweetly shared with us.

More big brother practice. :)

Spring Days

You wouldn't know from this week's weather,

but we've actually been enjoying the lovely Spring weather of Provo (and Lubbock and Logan and Moab.)

Everything is beautifully blooming in our yard and neighborhood and all around. So nice to be outside on these sunshiny days!
Ellie on her favorite ride (Landon's tricycle) w/ Grandpa (who we got to have a week-long visit with last month!)

Up and down, up and down, up and down on this chair -- Ellie's favorite outside game.
Playing together! What a happy site to see!
Digging in the dirt -- which almost always turns into pouring dirt on Ellie, to the delight of both silly children :)

Rock Canyon Hiking -- Jordan took the kids one day when I was sick, and then we went back a few days later for another great hike and a scenic view picnic. We sure love being so close the mountains here.

Hard Worker

Jordan's been working crazy hours the past few days trying to get a project done for a deadline this week (good thing he loves his job so much!)

But, even on a normal week his usual schedule has him getting up before 5:00 so that he can put in some time on RELATE before his full day of Animoto, and still finish up around 4:00 to spend time with our family.

Here he is in his early morning programming-balancing act :)

(really, this is how I found him one morning when I woke up with the kids around 7:00)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feeling happy to be home.

I made this today just for fun -->

It feels nice to be home.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Just playing around -- here's one of our first attempts at a puppet show movie. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet Siblings

From Landon today
"I love Ellie. She's the best sister ever! I will never sell her."

Also, just fun -- Lately Ellie likes to go and tackle Landon a bit (gently flop down on him when he's laying down on the ground -- Ellie's version of Landon and Daddy's rougher "smash-o-rama" game). Whenever she does this, Landon always says something like "I don't mind if she does that", really meaning 'I'm so happy Ellie is playing with me!'

Cleaning off my Desktop

A couple of fun things from my desktop that needed a nice place to go --

Don't you want a sunroom now?
Jordan loves sunrooms -- seeing this picture made me realize just how fun it could be to have a space like this. (picture from sayyestohoboken)

This is just so fun. Fun that somebody thought of such a creative idea and I'm sure so fun and memorable for the students involved.

Sutro Baths
This was the world's largest indoor swimming pool, built in 1896 by San Francisco. Pretty fancy!

A beautiful kitchen
I can't actually remember where I found this picture or why I grabbed it, but isn't it so pretty? Those white cabinets, wood floor, big bright space... :)