Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And just some more fun

Jordan's new office
Now that it is warmer, Jordan's moved his office (from the playhouse) outside. (And now, a few weeks later, his little corner is really turning quite beautiful with all of the leaves on the trees showing up.)

Growing Girl!
Ellie's really learning to communicate with us - with new words and greater persistence in letting us know what she wants.

"Let's pretend I'm Daddy -- 'I love you so much my sweetheart!'"

"Look at this cool thing I made. It's a block Museum! Can you even believe it?"

Landon is really learning to love being a good big brother to Ellie. He loves when she is happily playing with him, or when she'll let him feed her, or when he can make her laugh.

Moab Vacation
Just sitting back and relaxing by the Colorado river in the Moab hotel/cabin that April so sweetly shared with us.

More big brother practice. :)