Saturday, May 1, 2010

I can't even believe it!

(Those are Landon's words for something really amazing :)

Landon learned to ride a bike today - !!!

Where did this grown up little boy come from?

Jordan let me sleep in this morning, and took the kids out shopping for some rollerskates (which are actually going back, because they are not nearly so cool as these ones.), a t-ball stand and bat, and some training wheels (time to watch out for Saturday morning sleeping-in I guess :)

Landon was thrilled with the t-ball "I'm forgetting about rollerskates because this is so fun!"

Then Landon helped Jordan get his training wheels on and replace the inner tube in his bike (a yard sale find from last summer) and then after naptime set off. By his third attempt, he was a pro!

Just about as happy as a boy can be, cruising down the sidewalk, around our corner, through the puddles... with a "Whoo-Hoo!" as he sped around. We let him choose a destination for our adventure, so he rode his bike along with us to McDonalds and back and was still wishing for more. Such a
happy boy!

Look at him go!