Sunday, May 30, 2010

Playing Together

Landon and Ellie love to play together. We put our latest pictures on the computer yesterday and looking through them, so many of the them were of Landon and Ellie playing with each other. What a happy thing!

Reading stories before bedtime
Playing in the backyard - their favorite thing on these Spring days (except for the all-time favorite game of chase around the island in the kitchen) :)
More storytime
Landon teaching Ellie to play Chess

We've been busy trying to check things off our list of unfinished projects in getting our home ready to sell, but still enjoying these happy days. Had a fun visit from April last weekend and she and Jordan ran a 10K race in the canyon. I think I'm ready to start running again after a long break and I'm excited for more biking and rollerblading on these happy almost-summertime days. :) Landon is crazy about biking and has gone on some great long adventures with Jordan in the past few weeks, and he loves just circling around the corner in our driveway. And Ellie happily loves these outside adventures for the chance to be out and about and see the beautiful world. I sure love this family of mine.