Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Morning

This is the scene out our front door this morning. Before yesterdays rainstorms, the front yellow tree had only lost a few leaves.

It is so beautiful here. Jordan and I were watching a bit of Anne of Green Gables and it showed a scene of the Autumn hillsides. Jordan said his first thought was something like 'wow - do places that beautiful really exist?' and then his next thought was 'oh yeah - that's just like where we live!'

We have snow in our forecast for today and tomorrow and the mountaintops are snow capped after the weekend storms. We'll just hope for some more beautiful Autumn days ahead before the snow comes to stay. We are sure enjoying these lovely days.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Treats and treats and treats

After my visiting teaching companion dropped off a pan of Texas fudge cake this morning, Landon said "Mommy! People keep bringing us treats and treats and treats and treats!" And it's true. We've been welcomed to our new home with all sorts of yummy goodies -- banana bread, no-bake cookies, Great Harvest breads, pumpkin bread and more pumpkin bread, chocolate mint cookies, molasses cookies, Halloween sugar cookies, peach jam, chocolate cream cheese pudding cake, brownies, and I'm sure a few more that I can't remember.

One week at church, someone went to the front and Landon said "I need to tell her thank you thank you for the delicious treats!" I didn't actually recognize her completely, but Landon was so sure she had brought us treats and so adamant that we go and talk to her afterward that I finally agreed. (And luckily she was who he thought she was :)

Ellie is crazy about treats. (Enough so that I think I may need to really do something about my own treat intake to save her from a life of sugar...) Out shopping, each display we walk by with bright colored candy she yells "Treat!" We went to See's candy with April yesterday and she was just desperate for some of that chocolate until April made her a friend for life with a butterscotch lollipop.

I have a very funny recurring dream where I'm just walking along a buffet table of treats and choosing all of my favorites. It's always a little different setting, but the same general idea of treats in abundance. Last week I had the same dream except I was choosing all of the most healthy types of foods instead. Probably a good reminder to be good to myself and take care not to feast too much on all these welcoming and holiday treats. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three! (A little news)

We are going to be the proud parents of THREE beautiful children!
I'm due at the beginning of April and we are just thrilled to have another new little person joining our family.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Autumn Days

We've been forgetting to take pictures - but even with few pics we have been having some happy adventures!

Last night we had a family bikeride/run adventure into town where we picked up dinner and dessert at 4 different places, then rode/walked (flat tire) home for a delicious dinner assortment. (We live on a hill so it is a major thing to ride back up once we've gotten downtown - I've yet to make it up on my bike without Jordan pushing me ( can imagine what we must look like - Jordan running, one hand pushing the double stroller with Landon and Ellie, the other hand holding my back pushing me up the hill on my bike...) So, I didn't so much mind the mid-hill flat tire requiring a walk up the rest. :)
Another day - Jordan fixing his bike: his first project (of many to come) in our new garage

Today we had a happy, slow but busy Autumn day. Morning time trips to a few nurserys in search of fall planting options and a stop at the farmers market where we got some yummy artisan bread and fresh vegetables. Nap time and then dress up time for Landon and Ellie (cowboy and Hawaiian princess) and an outing to 'Boo at the Zoo' where they got to play lots of fun little kid carnival style games. Then some working time - mowing the lawn, cleaning the kitchen, etc. And a trip to the park with April and out to a fun pizza place for yummy breadsticks.

A busy, full but happily slow and beautifully Autumn day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Strange Conversation

I had this conversation with the clerk while shopping this afternoon.
She scanned my card and said something like this -->

"You're Debbie and I'm Debbie! You know most Debbie's are our age - (this surprised me since she seemed quite a bit older than me...) You don't see many little Debbie's or older Debbie's around - We're mostly 40's and 50's -- I'm almost 60! So I guess I'm an older Debbie...

Funny! I do have more gray hairs these days, but I'm sure I've never been mistaken for 20 years past my age before. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Every night/nap time before Landon says good night he asks "Will you wake me up when it's time to?"
This morning at 7:00, just to try something silly- Jordan set up his computer in Landon's room where Landon could see the screen from his bed, then brought my computer into me as I was waking up. Then I skyped over to Landon to wake him up and wish him good morning. It was a pretty funny sight to see little Landon waking up, a bit groggy and quite confused then slowly start to recognize what was going on and finally jump out of bed to run across the hall and find us. He was pretty excited about the fun new wake up call. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Celebration

We went to the American West Heritage Center last night for a fun Friday night family date/Autumn time and October celebrating. A fun simple corn field maze, kids hay bale maze, hay bale slide and jump, horses to watch and pet and goats to feed weeds to, a pumpkin patch, and beautiful farm land views.

(Pony Ride)
(Visiting with one of the friendly horses)
(Train Ride around the lovely Autumn park)