Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Autumn Days

We've been forgetting to take pictures - but even with few pics we have been having some happy adventures!

Last night we had a family bikeride/run adventure into town where we picked up dinner and dessert at 4 different places, then rode/walked (flat tire) home for a delicious dinner assortment. (We live on a hill so it is a major thing to ride back up once we've gotten downtown - I've yet to make it up on my bike without Jordan pushing me ( can imagine what we must look like - Jordan running, one hand pushing the double stroller with Landon and Ellie, the other hand holding my back pushing me up the hill on my bike...) So, I didn't so much mind the mid-hill flat tire requiring a walk up the rest. :)
Another day - Jordan fixing his bike: his first project (of many to come) in our new garage

Today we had a happy, slow but busy Autumn day. Morning time trips to a few nurserys in search of fall planting options and a stop at the farmers market where we got some yummy artisan bread and fresh vegetables. Nap time and then dress up time for Landon and Ellie (cowboy and Hawaiian princess) and an outing to 'Boo at the Zoo' where they got to play lots of fun little kid carnival style games. Then some working time - mowing the lawn, cleaning the kitchen, etc. And a trip to the park with April and out to a fun pizza place for yummy breadsticks.

A busy, full but happily slow and beautifully Autumn day.