Sunday, October 24, 2010

Treats and treats and treats

After my visiting teaching companion dropped off a pan of Texas fudge cake this morning, Landon said "Mommy! People keep bringing us treats and treats and treats and treats!" And it's true. We've been welcomed to our new home with all sorts of yummy goodies -- banana bread, no-bake cookies, Great Harvest breads, pumpkin bread and more pumpkin bread, chocolate mint cookies, molasses cookies, Halloween sugar cookies, peach jam, chocolate cream cheese pudding cake, brownies, and I'm sure a few more that I can't remember.

One week at church, someone went to the front and Landon said "I need to tell her thank you thank you for the delicious treats!" I didn't actually recognize her completely, but Landon was so sure she had brought us treats and so adamant that we go and talk to her afterward that I finally agreed. (And luckily she was who he thought she was :)

Ellie is crazy about treats. (Enough so that I think I may need to really do something about my own treat intake to save her from a life of sugar...) Out shopping, each display we walk by with bright colored candy she yells "Treat!" We went to See's candy with April yesterday and she was just desperate for some of that chocolate until April made her a friend for life with a butterscotch lollipop.

I have a very funny recurring dream where I'm just walking along a buffet table of treats and choosing all of my favorites. It's always a little different setting, but the same general idea of treats in abundance. Last week I had the same dream except I was choosing all of the most healthy types of foods instead. Probably a good reminder to be good to myself and take care not to feast too much on all these welcoming and holiday treats. :)