Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 months old

What a happy guy this little Owen is. Observant and watchful, orderly in his daily routine of smiles, sleepiness, etc. So happy to make eye contact, hold conversations of "goo, ah-goo". Loves smiling faces. Is discovering his hands and loves to hold his hands together - just figuring them out. Laughed spontaneously at sillyness for the first time today with Jordan - I can't wait till Landon gets him laughing. Landon will think that is just the best thing in the world. :) Sleeps swaddled up between mom and dad - loves to be held close. So strong - holding his head with not much bobble-headedness, just surprised us by rolling over yesterday.

You like the curious feel of standing on your feet. And you like sitting up and seeing the world. You just noticed your toes today, I think you will soon love those toes :) We love your smiles, your little talking, your wide eyes, your sweetness and your happiness.

Owen, we love you!