Saturday, August 16, 2014

The big news this week (sleep!)

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Porter! (And this boy sure loves wood chips :)
Our kids have all had a rough time learning to sleep - I've read and studied and researched everything there is to know about infant sleep, (and have often felt like this about it :)  but somehow our little ones have just struggled. After almost a year of super crazy sleep with Porter, we finally reached out for help and found what so far feels like it might just be the answer to our prayers!
We visited with a new pediatrician and then with a sleep specialist at Primary Children's Hospital, and after going through all the 'should's' of infant sleep that we already have down (good naps, early bedtime, routines, loveys, consistency, drowsy-but-awake, white noise, etc.) he offered a suggestion for a new plan and we've finally had several nights with 4 hour sleep stretches, and even one 7 hour night (!!!)
We have been living in survival mode for so long that I can hardly remember or imagine what regular life looks like for us. But oh I'm so grateful to maybe be on our way there again!