Thursday, August 21, 2014

A few thoughts from Ellie on the first day of Kindergarten

Back to school! (Ellie's been planning to wear her 'Kindergarten Rocks!' shirt for months! :) And Landon looks so grown up today!)
first comment when we picked her up (in a happy cheerful, I know I will some day voice):  I didn't make a best friend yet  (yesterday she told me on the way home from back-to-school night 'Maybe I'll make a best friend in Kindergarten!')

about recess: I was feeling a little scared, so I just stood. And I was looking for Landon, because I thought maybe we could have a fun time playing together… I was just getting used to being in the classroom and I was a little scared about the new place. 
and later: I bet soon I'll get used to recess and then I'll have a fun time playing.

about friends: Actually I did find one person at school who already is my buddy, and has been my buddy for a really long time! It was you! (Me! :)
about making friends: Maybe I could say, 'What's your name? And do you want to be friends?'

what was something happy? It was longer than I thought it would be! (yesterday she said she wished it could go from 8:30 until 4:00!)
something sad? recess

To Jordan's question "what would your mood-chooser be on about Kindergarten?" Hmm. I don't know! Because it doesn't have this one… Proud! And brave!!

In sum: It was awesome!