Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winter Preparations

emptying the trailer while Jordan fills it :)
I think because I had so fully braced myself for the coming winter last time we had a snow storm, the past few weeks have felt like this wonderful Spring-time or a second Fall. We've had such beautiful days, and I think have done a more complete raking job than any other Fall with the warm/dry days lasting so long into November. We've even had a couple of November campfires, and not even been too cold :) Saturday we spent almost the entire day outside working in the yard, with most of our neighbors doing the same - such a happy hard-working day.

Also exciting - just before Halloween I was suddenly ready and excited to make and do projects again. I cleaned my craftroom, made costumes for the kids (even a tricky princess dress that went from my imagination to Princess Ellie trick-or-treating even better than I hoped!), and now have a list constantly buzzing through my brain full of ideas and things I'd love to make and do. A craft room re-design, a Basement makeover project, a kids reading nook... I think maybe it's my way of coping with the upcoming winter - now I can get exited about spending time in our cozy warm house, just working away. (It could also be that Porter is beginning to nap out of my arms every once in a while too!)

trying out the first new cushion for the kids reading nook