Sunday, November 3, 2013

One more reason to love Whole Foods/Park City trip

Park City fun - playing Agricola

With Carmelitas and Mexican wedding cakes and walnut fudge brownies and about a million other delicious desserts to choose from ... And an awesome salad bar and deli with creative quinoa concoctions for Jordan, Whole Foods has become one of our favorite spots to stop for yummy food when we're out of town. On our last trip to Park City we got dinner there 2 out of 3 nights :)

We had a great little Park City vacation as an early Anniversary celebration/Fall Break with an awesome hotel that had lots of fun activities and things to do (including outdoor hot tubs that even the kids could swim in - quite an experience with the freezing temperatures!), yummy food to eat (like Whole Foods  and the Windy Ridge Cafe), some outside time, the Alpine Slide and other fun activities, and just happy hanging out together time.

Unfortunately in the midst of all the fun,  I lost my wallet. We got home and I started calling all the places we'd visited... and wonderfully, Whole Foods had found it and even mailed it back to me. What a blessing!
tired out from all the fun (and what a big boy this Owen is becoming!)

On a bikeride/run adventure, Jordan and Landon came across the 'shoe tree' and we had to do some research to find out about this funny spot!  (image and another funny story)