Sunday, November 3, 2013

Super Helper Landon

(Unrelated - Landon getting ready to share a fancy dessert at Elements)
Landon is so great at noticing when someone is having a hard time and jumping to do whatever he can to help them. I have a precious collection of notes he's written me when I've been having a rough time.

Yesterday I was painting some shelves outside and decided to leave the paint roller out in the grass
to dry out before I took it off so it wouldn't be so messy. Unfortunately, with all the snow the paint roller didn't dry out. And Owen found it. And happily painted the back patio, the steps, white plastic chairs, and the picnic table. Landon disappeared and came back just a moment later with a heart shaped note for us "Dear Mom and Dad, please can I help you?" Oh how I love his tender heart!