Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Happiness/Primary Program

The kids had their primary program this morning. Ellie practiced and practiced her part, standing on the fireplace, working on being brave. Landon folded his up in his pocket, a little nervous. Ellie bravely took her spot on the stand, and as the first speaker in the program lost her practiced braveness for her speaking part and quickly took her seat again. But then sang beautifully and happily and proudly all through the program. Landon sweetly sang and watched all the goings-on around him and sped-read his talk with reddening cheeks (he must be related to me!)  Owen joined them with the other nursery kids for the closing song "I am a Child of God", and a few tears through the closing prayer when there was no seat left for him on the stand.  And this little Porter was just cute in our arms.  :)