Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Great Quantifier

Watching out the window on the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty

Ellie is our numbers girl these days - she'll give a number to anything she can think of, without even noticing or knowing that it's a funny thing to do.  I just love it and want to remember, so here are a few examples from the past couple of weeks -

Just before we left on our trip to New York, we had this conversation -

Me: Oh, I'm so excited for our trip!
Ellie: Me too!, what's your number?
Me: (Hm, what's a good 'really excited number?) I think 35
Ellie: Well mine is 100!

A few days later, at the hotel in Salt Lake before our early flight to New York the next morning, I was telling Jordan about this conversation with Ellie and she added "That was just how excited I was for Salt Lake, for New York City I am one thousand excited!"


The kids got a gingerbread house kit from Grandma and Grandpa as a Twelve days of Christmas present and were all super excited to put it together. I'd kept putting them off till just a little later in the day, but was pretty sure we'd get to it at some point...

Ellie: Can we do the gingerbread house after dinner?
Me: I think we can at last!
Ellie: How much do you think, please say 95!


We were talking about something Ellie had done recently that was hard for her and I said something about her 'brave muscles' were really growing stronger, to which she answered "I think they just grew 1, but also they grew 1 when I did...(something I can't remember)."


And on a recent day (when I must have been especially nice!)

Mom I love you so much! I love you 102! And I love Porter 101, and everyone else in our family 100!