Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Wednesday

We had a big package from Amazon delivered today, and Ellie immediately pulled out the yards of brown paper with "we could make capes out of this!" A few minutes later we had Super-Owen and Firestar Ellie jumping off the fireplace and off to the rescue.  Also, the firemen were at the park through the afternoon working on whatever it is they work on there - spreading out their hoses, spraying across the field, coiling up their hoses again... We went to watch and play at the round-a-bout,  and Landon and his friends were soon helping unroll and roll up the hoses. (Yay for firemen who know how to be heroes by letting little boys help!) Also today was a play date for Ellie with a fellow sunbeam Evalyn, complete with secret hideouts and jello jigglers.  I love these little adventures that make for such happy days.