Thursday, December 10, 2020

design fun

I made these designs starting with cut-out paper shapes and put them into this wrapping paper mockup!

A few fun things I've been doing and want to share! :)

+ I made an instagram account as a place to share some of the designs and things that I make! I've been doing  the "Holly Jolly Design Challenge" hosted by Olivia Herrick that I did last year, and this gave me a chance to share the projects from each day's challenges with others who are participating. And it has been so fun! I know it's just a silly thing, but each little like or comment from these *real* designers has been so neat for me!

+ I ordered one of my designs on wrapping paper! Kathie sent me a link, and the first Christmas design I made, I just ordered :) (I'm excited for this to arrive in just a few days so I can wrap some presents in it!)

+ I entered my first fabric design challenge on Spoonflower!

+ I ordered some wallpaper with one of my designs! (Jordan gifted me a gift certificate for this for my birthday, and it pushed me to try it out) Unfortunately, I messed up on the design :(  But fortunately they let me know about my mistake after they printed it and they and are going to reprint it for me. And after another several hours trying to solve the issue (which has been an issue for months on so many of my designs -- it's that tiny white line you can see up top on the middle wrapping paper too),  I *think* I may have finally found the solution (crossing my fingers).  

So many fun things! I've been squeezing in time to work on drawings or paintings or patterns or designs whenever I can over the last couple of weeks, and I'm just hoping I'll keep having energy and time for it because it has been so fun! 

Instagram here:

And this week you can vote for my Spoonflower design here! :)  (Try the command-F search on the page for Debbie Brough or "single stroke sprigs" because there are a million (well, 700) patterns to scroll through :)