Monday, March 11, 2013

Kitchen Helpers

A lasagna making helper

The other day as I was grabbing the camera to catch a picture of my banana bread making helpers, I realized that I have a lot pictures of the kids cooking with me.  I think because that's a time I just love. I'm not a super huge fan of playing 'guys' or my-little-ponies... but I love baking up treats with my little ones. :) One morning this week we were making pancakes with each of the kids taking a turn with measuring, pouring, or mixing as we (slowly) got the batter ready. And what a sweet memory. 

We had a few days last week as Landon caught up on the extra homework from our vacation time where he and Ellie sat at the counter doing homework (Ellie doing made-by-mommy worksheets - her favorite :) and Owen played on the rug with blocks while I made dinner.  And it was just such a sweet (little bit chaotic) time -- like "this is what I always imagined motherhood would be."  

(Of course, this is not to say that there weren't also a few afternoons of 'Phewph! I'm sure tired and I wish our house wasn't a disaster and what should I make for dinner?" But I actually even made a real dinner every night last week -woo-hoo!)

I'm feeling these days like I need to just soak up/gather up/remember these sweet calmer-than-usual days. We're super excited for our new little one to join our family, and I'm also a little nervous about returning to life with no sleep.  But I'm working on worrying less and being grateful more and we're focusing on figuring out routines and schedules and order so that when life gets a little crazier/sleepier, we can still move forward happily. :)

(This was a great reminder for me that it's okay/right for life to slow down and be a little topsy-turvy with a new baby.)