Monday, March 11, 2013

Being Mom/Happy Kids

A California picnic at Redwood Park

Every once in a while I'm caught a little bit by surprise to realize 'I'm the mom of these children' !  (Just browsing through our pictures and spotting this one was one of those times)

More California Springtime :)

We've had some sweet days this past week getting home again and back into routines pretty smoothly. Landon left for school this morning just as happy as could be with an "I hope you have an awesome day today Owen and Ellie!" following his "These two are such a good brother and sister!"  I wish I could pinpoint better just what it is that brings these happy moments (especially because I know there are many times when it feels pretty difficult to find days like these...), Spring on the way? Enough sleep for all of us? A clean house after a hard working Saturday?   Whatever it is, I'm sure grateful for these sweet days!