Friday, November 9, 2007

I love my boys!

Jordan and I went to the temple tonight with some of the Elders Quorum Presidency and did sealings. They've done a lot of updating to the landscaping at the Provo temple, and it is so beautiful. Even in your walk up to the temple from a Friday-night-far-away parking space, you feel so good. And, so nice to be in the temple with my sweetheart, Jordan.

We went out for ice cream afterwards at the creamery - great fun to have a yum treat and to visit with friends. I'm always so grateful for friends. 

Drew was super nice and volunteered to watch Landon while we were still brainstorming on babysitting solutions. Supposedly, all went pretty well - Drew found the ABC Zoo and the Music Works Wonders shows, and experienced first hand the almighty hand of Landon Brough, taking him on endless tours of his apartment to look at new things. :)

And, after such a good night at the temple and a fun trip for ice cream, I was so excited to go pick up our sleepy little boy and bring him home. Like every other night, I got to hold him and sing to him, say a night-time prayer, then sit beside him till he drifted off to sleep. And, oh, how I just love this precious little boy!

Oh, and a just for fun -- Landon is learning so much! The other day I was singing popcorn popping while changing his diaper, and then I noticed that he was doing some of the actions. Popcorn popping his fingers, it wasn't really so waving his finger back and forth, making a popcorn ball... So cute!
And, Landon can now point to his head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tummy (though sometimes he thinks his tummy is around his toes...), his toes, feet, and fingers! Again, so cute!