Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December

Snow! Landon had a crazy night last night, so around 4:00, I went and slept in the car bed with him. What a surprise at 6:00 to wake up and see outside his window a white, white world! Later in the morning, Jordan bundled Landon all up and took him outside to stomp and shuffle and explore in the snow while he shoveled - and of course Landon helped with the shoveling too. 

We drove up to Salt Lake today to help get April to the airport and bring her car back home to use while she's gone --  We stopped by Grandma Brough's first to visit. Not having called ahead, we caught her at lunch. She quickly got up to join us and take us up to her apartment, saying she had just about finished when we got there. After visiting for a few minutes, a friend of hers dropped by with the rest of her lunch, nicely packed up. :) She was very happy for our visit though, and even remembered Landon's name. 

We went to Uncle Michael and Aunt Linda's where we chased Landon around while Jordan worked on Linda's computer and then we had a delicious lunch. Linda was happy to follow Landon around and get out more and more things for him to play with. At one point, we were sitting at the kitchen bar, and realized Landon was no longer at our side. With a quick search, we found him downstairs, happily sorting shelled pistachios back into the unshelled bowl and around the family room floor. He was not so happy to be discovered, but I was happy that he had made it so safely down the stairs in his adventure.