Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun Times

Last week was haircutting time again -- this time Jordan and Nathan (?) helped distract him, so he did a much better job of sitting still for me. :)
Jordan was sad for a rainy day, so he decided to bring in the summer time camp-out feel to our front room with a nice play place for Landon. 
Last October, we cut down a HUGE pine tree in our back yard and have been working all winter and spring to clear all of the branches and pine needles away. We are finally almost there! Before we filled the hole in, we had a fun backyard bon fire and BBQ w/ Jordan's brother Nathan. 
Our little guy sure loves his Grandpa! (And his Grammy too!) Kathie and Winslow are in town, and came over yesterday for Conference and to celebrate Drew's birthday. Landon was just in heaven having a house full of grandparents, aunts, and uncles! And, one more car to play in (Grandpa's truck!) wasn't too bad either! 
Today is my Mom's 50th birthday - happy birthday Mom! :) Since she loves getting little gifts, we decided to get her 50 gifts for her 50th. So, I made little cards for all of the event-type gifts like a trip to the MOA, or going up to her favorite place - 'Theater in the Pines' by Sundance -- And then I spent Landon's nap time today wrapping up about 30 of the little gifts! :)