Thursday, August 7, 2008

The True Magic of the Magic Eraser

Somehow the magic eraser has turned Jordan into an amazing cleaning machine!! He was so excited to see what it could do on our kitchen floor, that he has since had to try it out all over the house and even when it doesn't work, he's still found whatever tool would to finish the job. So far, he's attacked the fridge - inside and out, the whole top of our oven - every time I go to turn it on I think "Wow! I've got a new oven!", the incredibly burned up, corroded burner covers of our stove top -- these he has had to chip away at with a screwdriver even, but he's got one almost like new! And, yesterday he scrubbed the whole bathtub - a huge task but so nice to have a sparkling white(-ish) CLEAN bathtub! That's the magic of the magic eraser and a super sweet sweetie!