Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And speaking of growing up...

This little kiddo is two and a half! He just amazes me every day at what he is learning. Full of energy and excitement and tenderness and just such a little boy! He's been figuring out how to entertain himself lately and its so fun to see. :) Here's just some cute pics -- we love this little Landon!

Jordan loves to shovel snow (Really, when neighbors come and shovel our sidewalks just to be nice, Jordan's always kind of disappointed that somebody stole his fun!), and Landon's learned to hear the sound of the shovel when Jordan goes outside - "I got to help him shovel!" he says, and off he goes! 
Just my cute boys...
One of Landon's most common phrases -- "You all done with work?!?" followed quickly by, "You want to play in the munchkin room with me?!?" These boys sure love each other! 
Playing with Uncle Nathan -- you can't tell so much from this picture, but this is just classic Landon, climbing and climbing and trying to get front and center for your attention - he does this to Jordan while he's biking at his computer too! 
Landon was so proud of himself for his great towers with our year supply food! (Jordan had a fun time w/ some help from Winslow digging out under our house in the crawl space to make more room for about 20 boxes and buckets of wheat, rice, beans, etc.)

What a cute little guy he is!