Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Landon!

(Drew & Nathan's birthday present for Landon ;)

This little kiddo is three years old! As Landon's birthday was approaching, I felt kind of sad to think that my little boy wasn't going to be two anymore--how could he already be three years old?? (He also must have had some misgivings about letting go of being a two-year-old. Most days, he'll still tell you "I'm not three! I'm two!" or "I don't want to be three any more!!" :)

But oh what a happy little boy we have. Just full to the brim and overflowing with happiness and excitement and energy and curiosity.

Landon loves ---

running, jumping, bouncing, pretending
asking questions
playing and playing and playing and playing
climbing, swinging, wrestling, tackling
movie-watching, dancing, singing and singing
tickling and being tickled, saying silly words
talking and telling us all about the world
remembering, story-time, sitting on laps
laughing, smiling, setting things straight
hiking, walking, finding sticks
picking up rocks, seeing the river
learning, counting, ABC's
animals, cars, trucks and trains
climbing in trees, splashing in the bath
singing his 'love you' song
friends who will play and play and play
knowing he's made us proud, 'Hooray for Landon!'
understanding, figuring things out, telling us how things are
all of his favorite things - elephants, blue, the letter W...