Sunday, February 21, 2010


This month I've been working on a goal to keep my computer off when the kids are awake, so I haven't put anything up here for a bit. :)

Some of what we've been up to -->

A happy Valentine's Day - with a Valentine's party at Jackson's house for Landon, a date to the Thanksgiving Point Harvest restaurant while Nathan watched Landon and Ellie, some fun Valentine's morning surprises I made for everyone, and a fun waffles sibling dinner w/ Dan and Kel and Nathan.

Checking things off our list of unfinished projects and working on getting our house in order.

Playing with the kids

Ellie becoming a full-time walking girl!

Thinking about what it would be like to live in California, New York, Delaware, Texas...

Enjoying play group and Yoga each week.

Working outside in the yard on the warmer February days. :)

Fun crafting and cooking
Landon and I (and Ellie sometimes) having fun in primary. Landon LOVES to sing in there. We had a fun exercise activity yesterday and I got to teach a little 5-minute Yoga bit, along with the others: Tai-kwon-do, some Polynesisan dance and some fun calisthenics.

Going for a few bike-riding/rollerblading/scootering/ripsticking adventures on the warmer days.

Thursday kid days

Filing our taxes (and we'd saved a lot more than we needed to for Jordan's RELATE work so that was exciting!)

Ellie starting to communicate more with us - so fun! :)

Just read Austenland (by Shannon Hale) - very fun book. And Jordan and I have been reading Anne of Green Gables together and I'm loving it -- Jordan's never read or seen it (which I still can hardly believe) so it's so fun to watch him hear these stories for the first time. I keep thinking of Landon when we're reading it with Anne's intense emotions of overwhelming joy and excitement or bitter disappointment over all the everyday things - so much like our little boy!

Playing pretend (most common phrase heard at our house these days "Lets' pretend I'm ___ and you be _____")