Saturday, September 10, 2011

So long sweet summer - so soon?

Not long ago, I was downstairs in Jordan's office and realized that his New York wall calendar was still hanging on April (!) That's kind of how things have gone these days. Our leaves are turning a bright red on a few of our trees. The tree lined street leading up to our house has just a hint of yellow creeping in on the edges. I'm sure those trees just barely turned green - didn't they? This morning, after leaving our windows open last night to cool down the house, we had to turn on the fireplace to warm up our chilly fingers and toes.

We've had a busy time since Owen was born. Visitors and visiting, traveling and returning, sick and recovering, planning and prepping, packing and unpacking... and trying to find a schedule, routine, rhythm for our life with three children!

I had a line from a book I read in college taped up on my wall "...on the verge of a great adventure!" That seemed to me then the happiest place to be in life. These days I often feel like we are in a constant state of adventure, and waiting hopefully, expectantly, quite possibly foolishly :) for the slower days to come -- 'on the verge of a great calm'.

But we sure are enjoying the sweet little moments of these busy days.

Like the happy smiles and giggles from this little guy -
The energy and enthusiasm and great ideas and questions and discoveries from Landon
And the ever-learning, do things in her own way, precious sweetness of Ellie. My mornings spent with Ellie this week have helped me slow down, focus, enjoy.